As a way of teaching me a lesson.. My face

It appears that to teach me a lesson, im being sent the black sun to burn my face make me ugly make my nose run a lot and to alchemize my soul and turn me into an example. Then it lights me up with a bright white light when i look at the bible and think about Jesus.
This is the most painful punishment of my life.
I dont know how im going to live through this.

Please. Someone tell me this gets better. I have apologized again and again and I recognize my mistakes in vivid detail.

Cob777, most of your posts are like this. I think you should think about getting some professional help to rule out physical causes for as many of these lessons and trials as you can.


…for the future it would help if you just add to an already existing thread so everyone is aware of your issues and can refer back to them when need be.

It’s confusing, I’m so confused…are these all different issues??


A journal of these may be the best.


Cleanse and banish ASAP. No Spirit will do that to you period

Its a human that has bee working with spirits. My face feels hot, sunburnt, my facial expressions are twisted.

Its black magic. Someone really put in some time thinking of how to do all of this to me

This has happened to me a couple times before. Someome went overboard on curses with me.

It appears my choices are to go full LHP, and commit to it by taking an initiation to LHP, or be an example to the christian church and be a minister of why not to work with demons. Sharing my stories and showing my facial burns as a warning.

I was told my destiny was to “rise like the phoenix, reborn after the old me dies” Which is what ive seen quoted in many of the videos about LHP.

I feel when someone one comes into this stuff and hear LHP they take it to the extreme, LHP is just a general idea based around the idea of doing what you want be it baneful or not for your own personal gain, the concept does not need to be some deep in the darkness nonsense.


I’d recommend a more middle path. I mean either extreme is bad. However if you feel you must go down either of these paths, I wish you all the best and hope you make a good decision.

That :point_up:t5:

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This person also gave me shaktipat, but I fear this person programmed the Kundalini with their own ideas. Trying to make me into a Christian. Ive always been so anti Christian. I love God, or rathet Source, Universe, Divine though.
My 3rd Kundalini awakening too.
I had my 2nd Kundalini awakening at his house, turns out he probably gave me shaktipat without my knowledge then too.

It was a very baneful working. Involved dark entities, energy vamping, whenever I learn any lessons or start to feel good he just steals my energy. He caused me to get a mass on my pancreas. He also changed my life path, verified this through divination and tarot.
Its made me suicidal.

Hes been influencing my life since i was a child. He eve used magic to make my ex hate me and go all psycho on me which pretty much ruined my perception of girls, so I put years into personal developmemt and reading to fix myself. Then he goes and does this shit. I meditated for hundreds of hours, scoured spiritual texts, and spent months exploring the deepest parts of my psych and this asshole undoes it all. I feel like my life hasnt even been my own.

I had my flaws and i made my mistakes but I spent every damn day trying to right them and figure out why I was so fucked up. Turns out it wasnt even me to begin with.
He told me he did this so it could be like a movie in which i learn from a master. Wants me to write a book about him too.
Perhaps this Kundalini awakening and the baneful magic has made me a bit crazy, sure. But he told me every detail of my future a month out, told me itd be like a choose your own adventure where he already knows the answrr. I end up in jail, dead, a minister, or writing a book about him.
Fuck my life dude.
He even told me id make this post. Said it right in front of me.

He incited a fight with me, so I kicked him. From there he cursed me.
He told me only one of us will make it out alive. He wants me to kill him.
I dont know what the fuck is happening dude or why. Somehow Hes lied to other people in my life and obfuscated my truths making him seem like the benevolent one.
Im done dude.
He wants me to fight back too but whenever i fight back he just sends it back to me.
I thought I wanted to learn spiritual self defense and shit and learn from a teacher. Not go fucking crazy and lose my life and everything i love.

You need to fight back or get somebody who knows this stuff well to back you off. Petition an underworld God like Yama or maybe one of your Infernal guides.