As a beginner can I call Bael to heal me?

As a beginner can I call Bael to heal me? Should I know something important thing before I evoke him?

I’d recommend you to invoke Archangel Raphael when it comes to healing, he’s truly amazing and kind too.


I dont know how to invoke angels. Just demons

Yeah, clear your space and maintain good spiritual hygiene. No gatecrashers allowed.

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If you know how to invoke demons then you know how to invoke angels too, they’re the same species. They just work differently.


I tryed to find Raphael sigil but I didnt find anything

This one is printed on a necklace, the best quality I found of the sigil.

Then there’s this too.

On the subject of Raphael…

There’s J.S. Garrett’s diy healing rite.
Skip to 1:48:00

The sigil you’ll need for it (the one J.S. Garret uses):

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I don’t know if he is much of a healer. His main things are helping with being invisible when needed and power.

I read beal can help at healing but I tryed to evoke him. Im opened the sigil but i didnt felt him. I was like “ok this is not worked” or i just cant hear him. Whatever. Ill try with raphael :slight_smile:

Thank u Ill try it

I was just about to say King Bael isn’t known for his healing powers he’s all about invisibility.

I’d try President Marbas.


These thoughts are going to be your worst enemy.


Isn’t he more like into Fitness, body strength and so on, probably healing isn’t directly his speciality