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What’s up guys and girls? This is an article detailing and giving tips from my experience on evoking spirits and sensing their presence. I’ve had a conversation with @Seven and she confirmed that I should write an article for the Newbies on this. So thanks Deborah! You the inspiration for this…

OK so on getting into TGS. What you want do is ZONE OUT. ALL THE WAY OUT! Like when you were sitting in class bored out your fucking mind and you started daydreaming. TGS is like that but with this stark difference:

You are hyper aware of your environment. Your head feels clear (and I literally mean “feels” clear). You hold in your mind everything in your immediate environment.

Allow me to explain…
When I get into Theta gamma sync, my mind is like, "OK I am aware of the fact that everything in my environment is in its place therefore I don’t have to concentrate on each individual item such as dresser,phone,dog,etc."
It’s just like in the mundane world. You are reading this right now and NOT focused on the items in your environment. Why? Because you know that they are IN PLACE and not going anywhere. That is what I mean when I say hyper aware of your environment.

Cool. So you are at peace with your environment and are holding the meditative state. It is at this point that your breathing will take on its own rhythm. It is at this point that you can start working on your chakra. This point is what EA calls “High Theta”.

Command yourself to enter the Rapture. You will suddenly drop in awareness and your focus will narrow to one thing only. This is the one pointedness of mind the yogis talk about. When will it happen? In the twinkling of an eye… The true meaning of the Christian Concept of The Rapture. At that moment you will have medium to EXTREME difficulty concentrating but you must push through the “clouds” to meet the entity in the Air (representative of your mind and your reality ).

As you near the crossroads you will start feeling sleepy. Ever tried to meditate for the first time and almost fell asleep in 20 minutes?
Well Congratulations! You were at the crossroads!
All the signs that beginners have of trouble meditating:
Can’t concentrate.
Can’t be still
Feeling sleepy
Falling asleep
Meditation not working
Is because they are going too deep, too fast.
They have already been through TGS and RAPTURE, and are about to evoke a spirit at the crossroads lol!

The yogi is simply trying to get them aware of the environment…TGS. That is where the peace is at.

“The first step is always where the peace is at”-Micah Joshua Richardson

But I digress. Push through the sleepiness into the crossroads And you will come into a stillness in the atmosphere. That stillness is the atmosphere empty, receptive, waiting for the spirit to be called forth into your reality (damn I’m starting to sound like EA). Call the spirit forth with whatever incantation suits you all.
You will notice…

Pay attention to your Manipura. In my experience, I normally have a very hollow feeling when a spirit is around in general (24/7). But when I call it forth, my Manipura will turn ROCK HARD. It let’s me know how much of the Spirit has solidified into my room. It kind of sits like a rock sits at the bottom of a hollow lake.

Pay attention to your Tactile senses:
You may feel a hand stroke you in a spot on your neck or anywhere for that matter. You will feel a warm spot and the same time a shift in the overall temperature of the room.

Pay attention to your hearing: you may hear crickets, thunder, etc. SOUNDS WILL BECOME SHARPER! So do this in a quiet environment if you can.

Well that is all. I hope you guys like this article. I’m going edit it later as I feel worn from just writing it lol. Feel like I channeled my inner EA Koetting and went through TGS and Rapture just to get this shit out.



Welcome to the astral realm of the “Effort Post”! :sunglasses:

Most rewarding, but also, a bit challenging - but you have the skillz, and a big HELL YES!! on behalf of “magick” so to speak for this, it’s going ot help a LOT of people! :smiley:


Thank you @Lady_Eva!

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I don’t analyse my methodology of summoning.

I light the big red candle and the joss stick and I wedge the sigil upright. I sit on two pillows and cross legged. The joss stick is in a drawing of a triangle on a piece of cardboard.

Then the flame flickers usually and the incense makes me high. I stare at the sigil until it also flickers. Then I close my eyes as if some nice girl is sucking my dick, I visualize an image of the sigil in my mind and outside in the triangle, then it’s on and I call Demon to come into the triangle. There’s usually some effect of presence pretty soon, when I know I ask for a name, a signature.


Lol as if some nice girl is sucking my dick


Yeah that shit confused me, I was thinking ’ did I really read that right!!’ Lol


Excellent work. Simple and straightforward.

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@Micah Very good, congratulations, help a lot of people there. @Nicolas_Tomas postagem bem esclarecedora, tirou umas dúvidas que eu tinha, talvez possa te ajudar em algo.


Hey hey, you’ve got it brother!
Nice work.


im able to get to the TGS by poling my vision back within a few minutes the room will cloud that’s where im stuck i have tried scanning the sigil before and chanting the name but just end up at the cloud again do you have any ideas what im doing wrong? and does the volume i say the spirits name matter should i try rocking or any movement even tho im at the crossroads?
from what i understand when you get to the cloud “crossroads” you chant the name but im still just alone in the cloud should i feel lightheaded before getting to the crossroads because i don’t ? should i scan the sigil before getting to the crossroads? or would it be easier to get to the cross roads then chant the spirits name?


I have the same problem. I get stuck right when the whole room is swallowed by darkness

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Great article, very helpful! Thank you!

Very helpful article thank you so much. Please excuse my ignorance…

But how you could possibly be awake enough to call a spirit and communicate with it while you’re almost sleeping… that’s like trying to have a meeting with someone and start meaningful conversation right after drinking two bottles of Vodka ! is that even possible ? :slight_smile:

I imagine many people just falling to sleep while in the middle of evocation if this is how it works. Sounds crazy!!! EA looks fully awake and aware of what’s happening in his evocations, doesn’t look like someone in “rapture” mode or almost sleeping at all.

That means you need to be in the middle of nowhere to get this done right and nothing would “wake you up”. What if you was accidentally was awaken by something while you’re in the middle of an astral meeting with a spirit… does the spirit wait on the other side until you get back or need to make another appointment ? Or you could just write a “sorry-see you tomorrow” note and leave next to Demon’s candle ? I’m sorry it’s just many things doesn’t make any sense.

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Its sounds like your referring to the crossroads stage of this process if so the answer is practice. As you continue to work at it is becomes easier to go from state to state and to remain in the various states longer withing being jarred out of it.

Its like training for lifting weights or training to run for miles. Starting out your gonna hit your limit pretty fast but as time goes on your limit moves a bit each time.

This is the point of having a regular meditation and/or ritual practice of some kind. With most systems this includes some meditation and some energy work of some kind.


Thank you for explaining that. Appreciate it.

May I ask why not focus all this hard work and energy on the result itself… instead on manifesting a spirit THEN ask it to get that result done ?

For people just starting out that is not as easy as it sounds. There is a method for it presented in the book of azazel where you essentially evoke the desire itself. But this still requires you to know how to evoke spirits or forces so you recognize the process your moving through, kinda like building muscle memory.

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Yes that would be more direct to the point I think. I will read the book and research this technique. Thank you

The other point to consider is in the case of direct manifestion, in this case being where you are the main source of the manifestion of your desire it is proportional to your power.

For example if you do a money spell the amount that manifests will be on par with the amount of energy you can handle. Even if elemental and planetary forces are used. Trying to force this would be like trying to force a large amount of electrical current through a small wire. The result being the wire burns up. In the case of the energy work in magick the wires being your subtle bodies. :skull:


I think I understand the point. I found parts about the process in book of azazel and the evocation course. Sounds good technique to learn and makes sense to me more than using the middleman/spirit method which is more common. Thanks again, appreciate it.

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