hello all viewers.
i started this topic as way to contact E.A Koetting and/or some high experienced people here.
i watched his videos before on youtube channel but i didnt had as i didnt ever performed any rituals my
i would be delighted to ask for help, about invoking and seeing lucifer/satan this very night as i want to make some deals with the mentioned.
im going constantly through hardships in life over and over again because im pridefull and other stuff.
but i know its karma doing bad to my life and im stagnating because of it.
i need to speak to satan so can someone invoke/arrange our meeting?
im really in trouble, unless someone wants to help me, thank you guys sorry because im troubled or would cause you bored.
i also strongly believe there is kingdom of darkness i tried to meditate and leave for there but wont go through.
all best.

This is just a forum for people to talk and the authors tend not to respond here. This message might not be seen by them at all, I’m not sure.

You need to book a consult through the BALG website to have a discussion and get advice direct from the BALG authors.


There’s no need to be rude.

He looks like a customer, there’s nothing wrong with people new to magik getting professional consults, and he’s come to a set of people respected and with a reputation for getting results.


Thank you

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