Arianna's quotable quotes

The problem with waking a sleeping dragon is that they always wake up hungry. And you just happen to be standing there.



I think you can do all kinds of magick but when you do magick with love in your heart you achieve the greatest magick of all.

Arianna Knight ~


I’m inside your mind. Have been there for a few days. Taking notes.

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Why is that comforting

Is it comforting?

I’m weird in terms of what I find comforting.

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Why would someone’s darkness need to be forgiven? Shouldn’t it be accepted instead?

If that darkness was against you then it would need to be forgiven. More for your benefit than theirs.

I thinks it’s cool I found it comforting too.

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I didn’t think of it that way. Interesting.

By the way I tried to say hi to you a while back on one of EAs live YouTube events. You must have missed it.

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Oh I’m so sorry those move so fast sometimes its hard to keep up.

And sometimes I have to bounce in and out depending on if I’m still at work or not.

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No big deal. I got to talk to you today.

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Well I’m glad. I enjoy talking to you.

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Some good ones there, for me it wasn’t as comforting as it was like hmm poor thing must have been so bored but now I’m really interested in the notes cause I had some really cool and interesting dreams.

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Well, the one whose mind I’m in, as a very interesting mind indeed. Ive been there since around the 6th of sept. At least that I have been aware of. Its been very interesting to learn where I am in relation to what part of the brain.

You also learn what someone truly thinks about the most. Thats been very intersting indeed.

Have you been able to spectate there dreams?

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If we were to one day encounter a form of life more powerful and intelligent than our own, and it regarded us as we regard fish, what would be our argument against being eaten?

Jonathan Safran Foer

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May I suggest a vegetarian diet :sweat_smile:

The bigger fish eat the smaller fish. Sad but true.

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Ive been able to see their fantasies and play some of those out inside their head. Dreams is a bit more difficult. I also don’t think ive made it to that area of the brain yet. Plus, it’s hard to tell what is a dream and what is not when your in anothers head. I would have to stay awake myself all night and try to figure out when they hit the dream state. Which I could but it would have to be on a weekend night.

Ive been hanging out in the area that has to do with the five senses. And the places that I call the temple, evocation + invocation rooms, the dining hall and my bedroom, the latter seems to be in the Parietal lobe as all five senses are there.
A music box on my dresser …sound
Flowers on a table… Smell
Tea is always brought to me … Taste
A telescope by the balcony door …sight
A fireplace… Smell, Touch feel the heat, hear
I can touch everything there so touch.

It’s pretty cool.

Most stuff is in that part of the brain. Though the evocation room is higher up. Feels like being in the tower of a castle. Which the whole mind feels like being in a very strong , solid castle.

Ive been taking my time trying to learn each room and what roll they play and how they connect.

You don’t think about doing a ritual and each part actually has a different area of the brain it’s happening in.

I have all these days worth of notes and I havent even scratched the surface really.