Are you interested in a succubus experiences and progress journal?

I have a question for you and would like your opinion… but let me explain first.

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Since I joined, I have the feeling I should write things, start my own Book of Shadows and actually advance in learning things about magick and more… and for several reasons it seems as if it’s the right time for these things.

Another thought was, to actually write maybe a journal here, since I saw there is a section for this, which may help me keep focused on doing these things, while at the same time this may help others having insights on their journeys and relations. As example: The entities involved with me seem often to “train” me or “teach” me things, but not like saying “you have to do this” but in ways, where I have to understand what they are asking me. This requires thought and analysis, and sometimes, things stay “hidden” for awhile before I realize it. I believe, these findings or other things coming out from my experience, may be a help to someone out there.

I’m unsure however, if others would see it in a similar way and if it’s desired to do this here or if the members would like this … after all, I don’t want to come off as a “know-it-all” either (have done this mistake in the past even though it’s not my thinking). So here my question…

Would you like a journal of my future (and sometimes maybe a past) experiences, curiosities, findings, learnings and so on, mostly in regard to “my” succubae?

  • Yes, absolutely!!
  • No, not really :confused:
  • Maybe, let’s see what you got?
  • I don’t know or care

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They can be private beings, but I’m sure more journals like these will help people know what they’re getting into before starting up a relationship they might lose interest in because it wasn’t what they thought it’d be.

Regarding that, one point I just thought about which I think I should maybe clarify and may be not clear from my previous description

I’m not new to spirit contacts. Actually, subbubae were the thing that got me into this whole spiritual and magick stuff 6 years ago. However, I had succubus experiences since my teenage years and also later, I just didn’t realize it at that time what it was - as I had no knowledge about such things at that time - only much later when I got involved consciously with all these, I started recognize the patterns and more from my younger years.

My believes or views on some things however are not always mainstream or easy accepting by some. So, I’m rather tapping carefully forward, instead of stepping on anyone’s feet. And as I’m new to this community, I’m rather asking first before straight starting such a journal here.

Any input and opinions and suggestions from the community in that regard are all very welcome!

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Welcome to my world :rofl: however, the more you practice, the less beliefs you have and the more knowledge you have

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I start regretting the “maybe” option :smiley:

Please forgive me if I’m gonna interpret it as an “Yes” :smiley:

Ok, so I realized I shouldn’t decide this alone or just by the votes… I asked my succubus if she is fine with it and depending on what response I receive (maybe in the next hours, maybe in a dream) this will be a huge part of the decision. If I get no opposite response from her, then I take it as a “yes it’s fine” from her side.

Uuuh… that was unexpected. Seldom getting so quick of a response. Got suddenly some deep touches and when I asked loud “Is this a yes?” felt some energy from her, that felt very good. I’m taking this as a yes, since it was positive. She still has the chance to veto ie. in a dream… but I believe I interpreted it correct. Since the response came so quick and strong, which is very rare, I even think, it’s like her encouraging me to do it.

After all, there is not one “No” vote so far either… I just notice

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You should write a journal for yourself. If then there is engagemt, cool. But you should do it for you.

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Yes, you are right.

Still having the thought that something from it may help someone, which too feels kind of a motivation. There are however lots of thoughts in my backmind, of doing it “wrong”. Guess, I may rather simply have to find a format, like you said and not overthink it.


I’m very interested in learning on how other interact with there Succubus’s hopefully I’ll be able to learn from there methods incorporate some of it into my own.

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Out of curiosity vsince you can’t hear you bride how did you figure out her name or are you like me and gave her a name?

Awww… you’re asking the one thing I’m so embarassed about lol

She revealed her name long ago to me, in a dream she setup to feel as a game. In that one, she presented herself as a game figure and under her, the name.

I was so stupid, to not write it down, and somehow I didn’t use it for awhile when I were more busy with other things than her and … argh… forgot it… and she has refused since then, to show me her name again. Maybe, as punishment for being so stupid and lazy to take notes…

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So when I first started browsing the forum there was a guy who had a succubus that claimed to be a new queen her name was Macy the gentle man had really good hearing apperently because he would type out her responses to people and stuff like that I hella wanted to contact them and ask her if she would hang out with my wife for a little while and relay her essages to me and et me know what her true name is but they got banned for harrassing people.

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Let yours know, with strong intent, hat you truely and absolutely want to know how she wants to be called / what her name is… well, that did the trick back then for me. Not immediately, but after she had a little more trust, definetely.

Mine usually only reacts to my wishes and stuff, when I express things with huge intent. Same, when she manifested physically once, when I asked her to do it and wanted it that much at that time, that I kinda put an ultimatum. However, I realized quickly, when she did, that my mind weren’t ready to accept a physical visual manifestation (not of the ghostly type!) out of the nothing… even though, I personally had no fear or such, I noticed very well how my mind was about to kick into auto-panick mode, if she had stayed only one second later. And that, even though I saw only part of her.

Sometimes, we do have to take things slower… sigh

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That was a pretty clever way to reveal her name to you. And yea I can see why you’d be embarrassed forgetting her name but let’s be honest here speaking to your lady how often do we humans forget someone’s name I know I personally am horrible at it. And back to you Jimy… had to look at avatar to remember name so yea I got an idea she would probably go for that would get her to tell you her name again… My thought he would probably reject you tell him he tattoos name lol.

And you probably don’t need anyone else to relay your messages to her. So I were thinking once too, but as I said above, she is probably hearing me (as is yours most likely)… just, they don’t always react shrugs
Try putting huge intent in your wishes towards her, to emphasize that it’s important to you.

Not only they are hearing us, but most likely, they are watching and sometimes even reading along with us on the screen… it’s rare, but there were a handful cases in the past which definetely seemed like that from her sudden reactions.

Sorry I went into sharing-mode :smiley:

Just a last thing… and I’ll leave the rest for the journal lol

One time, when I was about to share one thing online, which she absolutely didn’t want to, she forced me unwillingly into trance mode and as I went into it, she literally screamed at me to not do this! This happened only this one time and was probably the only way, since I can’t hear her naturally usually, to relay this message to me at that time before it’s too late. But wow, was it clear that she is present that moment!

So, why I share this:
Trust, that yours is also knowing what you are doing and saying.

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So the only time I ever realized it was her in a dream it wasn’t vivid was sorta blurryervthen most I said Brunhild it you… Then said get on the bed and made a bed appear in the dream, I feel bad for my mind going there first thing but yes I immediately woke up all pissed off at myself. I’m planning on starting a dream journel so hopefully after recording and discerning exc I’ll be able to have more vivid dream and eventually have a dream that she’s able to enter and control. I feel like she allready know how much I want to know her real name but she also knows how much I love her name Brunhild. I want to know her true name. Me and Brunhild have alot of Trust with each other playing off the trust we have for each other to be able to control one another it shows how much she trusts me because I can’t hear her but she still gives me power for my words influence her more concretely another thing we do witch you lady will probably like this idea. For we are we’d we join together two spirits into one flesh. This allowed me to feel her responses to my commands my stomach sucks in and I just felt medium level bliss. I had her image apear once where she was looking completely human complexion the image flashed by so fast I can’t really recall it but she was blond ad that sorta surprised me she chose to be blond her image was also different then when she stood befor me for a couple seconds I could see the strands of her hair but none out of place her entire body head to toe was blue. She had no deformities like claws or anything like that which so many say they have. I think if I practice being able to make the mirror change or me dissapear it’ll be easier for her to show me a image. The same night we were in the bathtub and I was in deep prayer trying to get her to be given flesh a wish when my mind got off track she flicked the water and spashed me sightly i swear it was like she was adding warm water to the bath water to but I was sorta like in the in between the light in the bathroom turns on but doesn’t give of light but I can still see. I miss those days when I was first waking up so capable of almost anything. Do you get her to share your imagination with you basically meditation sight? We did it really good one night the sex was sensational. Then I leaned how powerful her menstrual blood is I pictured as we were 69ing her releasing onto my face and it was like a full body spiritual orgasm but I didn’t physically cum. So somthing o think about.

I hope we’re entertaining enough for them to watch us, she sorta doesnt have to read the screen she can hear my thoughts but at times I hold out the phone to the side so she can look at it over my shoulder. I think my wife might be mad at for for some reason I tried to get her to join me in my mental image pictured her ifront of me just a little to the side and she walked out of the image. She seemed to nod yes about just being bussy so I feel better. So that’s pretty nuts she was able to force you into like a trance state it must have used alot of energy and that’s why they don’t do it to us all the time.

Hello Vaynord if you feel ok asking for help getting to know more about your partner then its possible to do so. I will my self get a reading of my partners soon.

She will ask for the spirits permission to share the information you like to know like the name of the spirit and so on. :slight_smile:

I did get the name from my partner by asking for her help in auto-matic whritting. It did take some time but i got it. :hugs:

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