Are you interested in a succubus experiences and progress journal?

Seems really helpful to be able to go to them and get help in this way, myself I’m being supported rent wise from a mental health organization and have no form of income so I wouldn’t be able to afford a reading. I would love to know Brunhilds thoughts and know her real name.

Automatic writing nice an ability I look up to. So when you said you were able to get her name that’s wonderful.

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There is an issue often overseen with getting the name of your succubus from another person!

Not seldom, if you gonna ask several persons, you will get by most, if not even each of them a different name. Do the succubae tend to give each one a different name? Or are the “readers” not accurate, capable or something else? Difficult to say. I guess, maybe it has to do with not trusting these persons and just giving them some name. Or they want you to get it yourself. Or the readers are… not accurate. Or it may be the case, that one simply happens to have so many succubae, that everyone contacts a different one? shrugs

I’m not judging, just I think and would advice, that it’s probably best to get it yourself.

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How well do you know this website? Do you know anyone that has gotten a spirit from it?

Friendly reminder, no reviews of other sites posted on the public forum please. :+1:

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It is done! Here’s the first post in my journal: Jimy's Journal: A Succubus journey of love and lust

Feedback welcomed :slight_smile:

My incubus also told me his name when I was dreaming. I tried hearing him when awake and could hear the first letter, then when I was dreaming he whispered his name into my ear.

Oh dear :joy:

Yes his stuff was amazing! I have aspired to get to his level. I made my own journal post just for direct messages from Allan, and even though I can feel my incubus very well now he just isn’t the public sharing type. So far

Yes it is best to try your best to get the name to start with. I mentioned this becouse Lilith from treasure tavern works a lot with goddess Lilith so she can ask Lilith of any name of succubi’s from Lilith her self.

There is members talking about it so you can try seartch :slight_smile: I have only texting with her.

Ok I might try to find it threw search, are you paying for the texting?

No i did not. But i think of getting a reading of my partner some day from her.

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