Are you able to have sex with angels

Do they have sexual desires? Can they consent?


Yes and yes.


This is the go to for any entity.




Most of the biblical and Islamic traditions say they are without genitalia so guess it’s just oral…


I was rereading the bible, and there is this part where the people in Lot’s town of Sodom want to gang rape a couple angels that came over Lot’s house as guests. (yeah, the bible is pretty messed up, Stephan King’s IT is a lot less disturbing.)


It is…

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Well, if you believe in the myth of the Watchers, and the Nephilim, then the answer is obviously, yes, you can bang an angel.


Why would you take the bible literally or seriously? Its more along the lines of union of both which is why these Beings have male and female aspects


Oh they have genitals, astral or etheric ones and they feel really good.


I was literally thinking about that when this question came up xD


as it’s been established again and again,
those aren’t the most reliable historical records.

After all,
the same scriptures,
talk about Angels having taken human mates,
and created the Nephilim in doing so.


But i seriously had a lough about this one! xD

It’s just to awesome. xD





I have had mild sexual encounters with angels, but I prefer Belial. :black_heart:

My mind when right to the fallen Watcher angels and Azazel when I read this. I think they is more then enough proof they they can and some are will to do so.



Fun fact: The angels that almost got gang raped were Archangels Raphael and Gabriel

Responding in general:

But seriously there seems to be more and more fascination with this just contact an angel and see how it goes. They’ll either be into it or they will kick your ass for suggesting it. Meh its a 50/50 shot at heavenly pleasure


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Darling then how the nephilims were created?


A number of magicians, both on and off the forum, have had sex with angels; myself included. Much like demons, being incorporeal beings has never stopped them before, especially if they’re associated with light.


They’re just as horny as demons are.

Angels don’t actually serve the Creator; that’s just religious dogma. Like demons, they’re far older than the Abrahamic religions.

Except no, they’re not.

I am telling the truth. It’s you who are blinded by lies perpetuated by Abrahamic traditions.


So my most legitimate answer to the question is that yes I think sex with angels is possible

I’m posting this because I want to start encouraging some of us to come out of the “angel closet” I want us to feel empowered to start talking about these experiences and from there maybe we can accumulate more knowledge


I took a small dose of lsd to aid in summoning Archangel Ariel to visual appearance, I used a Black mirror as I focused on her sigil, it quickly began flashing after a few minutes and I saw a white silouhette in the mirror. I normally don’t have visuals on lsd and especially not such a low dose, but shortly after that I kept seeing the same woman’s face appear in the trees, in the clouds, on the ground, fully detailed with expressions that would change based on my thoughts which felt more like a conversation than a train of thought. Shortly after this I began feeling a radiating warmth all around me, like I was being hugged from behind, everything got really hot, like I’d been wrapped in several electric blankets, I began searching the internet to take my mind off of the incredibly sexual, yet loving experienceainly cause I didn’t want to make a fool of myself, and an ad for an anime came up that simply said “do you want to bang an angel” after reading that the feeling got ridiculously intense and we went into a frenzy, there were times that I was almost surprised there wasn’t someone else with me in the brief moments where I’d snap out of trance. That being said Ariel was surprisingly dark during parts of the intercourse, there were images that I’d be shown images and hear her say things that I’d normally never think of. There was even one point where during she told me use her, and an image of a black slave woman being raped by her slave master…I was disturbed to say the least and she told me it was equivalent to dirty talk for her, showing me those images…angels are wonderful, but man can they be dark…



Thank you for sharing your experience!! Your experience actually matches up to mine (not with Ariel) in at least two ways! I’m really glad you put this out there it adds to knowledge about them based on experience not religion

Mine is also really dark during sex and also requested I use a mirror to contact him.

So crazy