Are there ways to destroy or get through shields?

One thing that may stop our curses from working on our enemy’s may be that they have protection (like shielding or an ancestor), and sometimes, even if our enemy happens to be a skeptic, they still have some protection whether it be their strong skepticism or their ancestor[s]. Supposing divination was done on a target and we found out that they were shielded, would there be any ways to destroy/neutralize that shielding, or get past it? Of course, there may be some cases where it’d be to difficult to get through (such as very famous or powerful public figures), but for the cases where it’s probable, what would be some methods?


The only one that I can think of is going straight to their higher self and make an appeal. If the crime that you are so angry about is serious enough, it might be possible to convince the higher self to curse the individual.

Slava Bogum


For shields, they can be vampirized.

You can also subdue their guardians or start making deals with them.
The first thing you should do is vamp and bind your target. It prevents them from fighting back.


In matters of spiritual warfare, it will always come down to whose Will is stronger.

In my opinion, shields and defenses created unconsciously or naturally, are not as powerful as those put up consciously and tied to the will of the target.

If a shield is created consciously, then an attempt to circunvent it or vampirize it, will be sensed, and a counterattack launched.


Which is why I suggest higher selves. It completely bypasses the shield problem


How would one create a shield consciously? Just visualize a bubble around you? Like a crust of an egg?

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I visualize a bright light with the intention of protecting me from all harm and control. I also have my ancestors doing double duty to protect me.


That’s a way of doing it but it’s usually not enough. You want to have layers of protection, not just a single one.


This. Dont just bash on their door. Friend got jealous and started trying to curse me. He started having nightmares of me. I programmed my thoughtform to do this, so when he complained of nightmares i called him out for trying to use magic on me. We werent friends for awhile until he came back saying he doesnt know what to do because of how bad his luck has been and how bad his anxiety has been.

Dont judge a book by its cover, you never know how the targets defenses will respond.


This seems crazy to me, how in the world would you do this?

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Any defense can be circumvented, you just have to be clever enough to find a way.


Necromancy for the win.


Get really good at Shamanic travelling, travel to the higher planes, meet with their higher self, tell them the karmic laws they’ve been breaking and get them on your side to unleash a little bit of destruction.


Have you done this? How do I learn shamanic traveling?

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Not this exact thing, I try to refrain from curses. But I have done work with my own higher self.

@Lady_Eva has a good course, message her.


If you haven’t done it how do you know it can be done?

Does a doctor need to have a disease to know how to cure it? No, but because of his knowledge of medicine and the human body through study, he is able to accurately diagnose what is wrong and know how to fix it.


Speaking of ancestors

Everyone has crazy family members.

If you’re savvy with necromancy, go to their ancestors.Find that deceased crazy uncle, naggy aunt, cousin who used to bully them, grandmother-in-law who had it out for them, or the distant relative who never liked them. Get them on the case and watch sparks fly.


How do i plead with someone’s higher self?

Can i pm u abt this technic please. It can change my life

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