Are there books like this

Where the writer describes detailed stuff about the society or civilisations or technology from fantasy worlds like it’s this our reality like Asgard or something?? Or does that simply not exist??? I want to read that sort of books are there genres for it??? It could also be magick books

Off-world scifi and fantasy. Like Harry Harrison, Robert Heinlein, Arthur C Clarke, Tanith Lee, Brian Lumley, Anne McCaffrey… depends if you like more fantasy, more horror, more futuristic etc.

Maybe try Tanith Lee ‘Don’t Bite the Sun’ first.


Oh and Tanith Lee wrote the Silver Metal Lover, predicting AI sex bots decades ago :smiley: … and also asking questions about when does a machine have spirit way before Ghost in the Shell - which is also very worth checking out.

Sounds like you are looking for Dungeons and Dragons books. Specifically the core campaign settings and splat books from v3.5

Or any major fantasy series to be honest. Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and Grey Mouser series is a personal favorite of mine.