Are there any effective spells to get back an ex without invoking demons?

Whether it’s love or obsession spell? Do you think using regular spells and your will with candle magick or whatever else will work even if you don’t try to summon any entities

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Good luck!


If they don’t want to be with you, let them be happy away from you.
You’ll find your own happiness isn’t dependant on the presence of another.

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He used to beg me not to leave him. He was crazy in love with me. When we broke up he said he still loved me so much and wanted to be with me but didn’t believe we’d stop our occasional fights. The way he talks of me it’s clear he loves and lusts after me still. I’m trying to do what’s right. We’re not broken up because of a lack of love.

I am going to put on my Counselor hat and ask this: Why are you broken up if it wasn’t for lack of love?

We’d get into immature stupid fights. Like a whole month it would be perfect, highest level of love, he admitted that, and then we’d have a long fight and I realized so much after the breakup I know what the issues were and that it was so stupid. He said I’m the only person he’s ever loved. I just know we broke up because of stupidity. That AND honestly it feels like his rotten mother put a curse or something on him idk though

Why not try to break the curse you suspect, instead of enslave the one you purport to love?

Because I don’t know if there really is a curse and idk how to find out. His mother initially liked me I guess but towards the end she kept telling him to leave me. To me she’s a cesspool, he told her I’m the only girl he’s ever loved and she didn’t care she was selfish. She told him to block me and “rip me off like a bandaid” he showed the texts. He refused and was still sweet to me. If anything I’ve been thinking of cursing her but I don’t what it to come back

We can talk further when you have completed a proper introduction.

Why does she want you gone from his life?

Maybe he didn´t choose it because of her, consciously. It is possible that without intending to she cursed your relationship. I am going to PM a curse breaking bath to you. You both need to bath in this for it to work.

I appreciate you trying to help but I won’t be able to get him to do this. He still cares about me but we’re not on seeing each other terms. And he doesn’t take baths lol. I haven’t been speaking to him, will a spell to get him back still work? Is there another way I can do this to break the curse

If it is just on you alone, he doesn´t need to bath, so it may still work. You could do an encounter spell. Something to draw the other party into contact without forcing their will. If someone is stubborn, you need to make it subtle.

What if it’s on him? Since he decided to leave suddenly. I wish I could get him to do this, I guess I’ll just have to try other spells :frowning:

always try the simplest solution first. Occam´s Razor.

Which is simpler, that the mother suborned his free will without actually casting, or that she unintentionally created the energy interaction necessary to drive the wedge between you two by some other, more subtle means. Try clearing yourself first. The worst it can do is not work.

Stop thinking and act. Begin with the bath. if you are linked in with the curse, and it is upon you both, it WILL weaken it. You should notice a small difference. If it isn´t on you but him, you will notice no difference. If it is just upon you, you will notice a BIG difference. That will give you more information to act upon. Keep me posted in PM.

Okay I promise I will tell you what happens immediately. Also what’s the difference, like he’ll contact me? Or I’ll feel better?

Having so little information, I cannot be certain of what signs. I will however say that in any case, you will KNOW. If it is just you, the situation should right itself completely just from the bath. Mission accomplished.

Ammonia like bleach? Is that safe? Also table salt is the same?

No table salt is not the same, it is iodized, but you can find it at Wal-Mart. Look for Sea Salt, but you do not want the kind that says Iodized.

Ammonia and bleach mixed together are dangerous, but they are two separate things. This clears a curse on all three levels.