Are there any demons to help with depression?

i just wanted to know if there are any demons to help with depression my friend is very depressed and has suicidal thoughts any info would help and if you do know any please respond and make sure to tell me what offering to give them. thank you


Depression isn’t the best state to start out working with demons.
I’ts known that Lucifer helped people out of it several times, however.

Oil & Incense
If your going to welcome someone into your home, you want to make your space smell appealing to your guest right? We have found Lucifer responds well to EARTH based scents. Here are some ideas:

  • Frankincense – which is also used to cleanse all items before you use them on your altar (easiest way)
  • Sandalwood – I like to burn in my temple space to set the mood
  • Lucifer Oil/Baphomet Oil can be used to dress the candle or other objects as well

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thank you he has never done anything like this before so i will be watching over the ritual


Opfaal, the Angel of Deliverance, from Kingdoms of Flame.

Letana, the Encouraging Angel, from the same gromoire can also help. She “gives strength when despair prevails.”


thank you. do they need offerings if so what type?

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No, offerings are not necessary. Simply call upon them through their seals.

Both should be available on the forum.


thank you. i am really trying to help him i don’t like seeing any of my friends in pain especially wanting to kill them selfs


As someone who practices the occult, I’ve got to be the one to tell you that no god, no demon, no Lwa, no angel and no spirit can deliver you from your depression. They are like allies and tools that make things more bearable and bring healing. Only yourself can truly overcome this illness through self transformation. Working with spirits can be transformative, but it takes a lot more than evocation, Invocation, or spells to turn the tides of depression and despair. To do this you must adopt a new way of thinking, a new way of being and due to your old self with your new self being reborn. Depression can only be managed until you undergo that transformation.


I’m super depressed.
No female contact in 5 years does this to a man.
I would love some help with this topic.
Mental constructs are not enough.

I fear that this is exactly how people lose their shit.

My problem is that I don’t have a target.
Yeah the girl at the gas station looks nice.
But I know she already has s man and it would be futile to ask.


Agreed. A possession with the intent of bringing this new mindset, developing a healthier lifestyle that helps one cope well with depression, ect, could prove fruitful.


Yes it does. Same boat for almost 5 years. Went through a lot of shit and went broke. Then depression, Anxiety. Had to l ive with parent. Then got the money to turn my life around and Covid hit. Locked down had to move again. Now 80% of the nation is Vaxxed and I will not date a Vaxxed women, because I have felt sick being around vaxxed people on multiple occasions. So no way I can date one.

So I focus on work, goals and also Watch VR Porn with a VR headset, it leaves you with the feeling you just had sex so at least my sexual functioning get’s exercised and I know how to cycle the energy for the health benefits. At some point, I will manifest or attract a lover but until then it’s a useful tool.

PS: Hopefully things have turned around for you.

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Bune has pulled me out of Depression & Anxiety more times than I can count. But you still need to work on the underlying issues.


Hi @JustAnotherGod, just an FYI, the person to whom you’re responding hasn’t been active in over three years, so you may not get a response.

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