Are the demons aspects of the human mind?

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I was searching for this answer and didn’t find anything so I think this probably hasn’t been asked before. I’m totally new to magick and have started by reading Lucifer and The Hidden Demons and The Lesser Key of Solomon. I specifically would love some perspective on this passage from the Lesser Key of Solomon:

"The spirits of the Goetia are portions of the human brain. Their seals therefore represent (Mr. Spencer’s projected cube) methods of stimulating or regulating those particular spots (through the eye).

The names of God are vibrations calculated to establish:

(a) General control of the brain., (Establishment of functions relative to the subtle world.) (b) Control over the brain in detail. (Rank or type of the Spirit.) © Control of one special portion. (Name of the Spirit.)"

I’m not sure how to interpret this. The surrounding text seems to hint that this is sarcasm designed to mock and/or appease “rational” materialists (?). But I also find that this has a certain face validity for me personally, in that it supports the idea that we are all actually part of one creation (this harmonizes well with some epiphanies I had surrounding a NDE).

Would love your thoughts, and a huge thank you for all you do. I’m honestly in the middle of a terrifying crisis and experiencing epic fuckery right now, and I have taken tremendous comfort from your YouTube videos.

Many thanks and godlike power to you, - 555


I dont think this is common knowledge and others may disagree…but from what I have gathered the Demons are living, breathing entities. Just way more advanced than us.


Pretty much this, the demons that are aspects of your mind are the thoughtform demons you create either in your dreams, in the astral, or with internal conflict you learn to “accept”. However demons like the well known and other etheric demons are no way aspects of the mind.


Thats something I dont normally bring up but now its relevant. The demons arent “demons” as its understood. Even the term “God/ess” has too many connotations and doesnt fully encompass what they are.

Then there are the negative darwinian parasitic entities, thoughtforms, egregores etc. that would better fit the abrahamic view of what a “demon” is.


I view “demons” as just a race same as deities. Parasites l, I just call parasites or give individual names to them since some races can also be parasitic trying to survive and then there’s Thoughtform parasites that were created by desire and fears

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We got no way of knowing. 1-The exist outside of the collective human mind but have access to it
2-They can alter it 3- They are outside of time 4- Not constrained by our dimensions
Quite possibly the closest thing to alien to the human race or we have no capacity to grasp them as they trully are. Our interpretation of our sensory inputs which are limited vastly, are largely symbolic, and I assume this is to conserve calories so that the brain can maintain operation of other systems(and the calorie intake would be immense otherwise)
5- If we assume underlying each of our subjective realities, is an objective universe or construct, that objective realm would by why the mind experiences the laws of gravity, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, relativity, why E=MC2 and so on and so forth. Physics is objective or collective psychology of a higher tier. These entities have access to the objective universe.
6 - Were we to assume all of this seen and unseen is part of a virtual simulation, which it behaves as, then we can probably look at them as the ones playing the game through us…Why would they care about evolution? Well every game player likes to level up their characters, and make them the most badass powerful characters u can competitively game with…

We need only really need to look at where we have gone with technology, to get a glimpse of what we are, and what we are to them…it’s a game in a scope we can’t imagine, then they are the players, and we like playable characters…to which i assume they can play multiple, and those not played are like NPCs, or just background characters who can die off of no consequence.

Short answer, they aren’t. They are not subordinate of anything human…they can access us, and probably delight in us seeking their service as it makes the game more interesting…but its the other way around…Maybe we are apects of their minds, and we were designed not to recognize this, or percieve of things beyond certain boundaries, save for the openings they seem to permit us…

Many who are pro-human, humanist , homosapien centric or obsess over human empowerment narratives (to which there is nothing wrong with the later so long as one remembers the insignificance of us on a cosmic scale) will find discomfort with this because the idea of humans being subordinate irks them on an unconscious level (it does to i as well but) , but we’re like a toy that’s fun for the moment. We get boring or kill ourselves off (which they will delight in, divine, infernal, elemental, celestial, god or daemons) , we can easily be replaced…The human being isn’t central to the equation of the movements, or existences of these entities , which many call demon.

Feel free to disagree, just my take…Doesn’t mean if they don’t like a character enough , they wont somehow move it from being a virtual construct to a real one in their realm (which is completely alien to us…we see symbols of it, or have less restrictions of perception under certain circumstances, but even with pathworkings, we can not grasp that place because our minds aren’t constructed to, and the limitations of our brains don’t permit. No brain=no decoding the experience and forming a symbolic model of it) …

As for the vibrations of the god, yeah ur right in that respect. You take the place of the YHVH , or there isn’t one…like an invocation of an idea of something all encompassing…an idea is all it is. One of many avenues to establish control over the mind, one’s subjective mind, and the simulation we call reality…There probably is no centralized creative thing and never was…or maybe these entities who are world creating gods can be seen as an artificial intelligence of the system, or perhaps developers of this …I could only call it technology of sorts, in which we are born, constrained in most cases, die, and recycle …if we recycle (not convinced we do, rather its like sending a file into the trash bin, and emptying the trash…ur gone) …of course since my mind is human and came to this conclusion, this too can not be accurate because my brain is bound to the constraints of the collective mind’s programming which is subordinate to the technology the demons created from which our experiences and existences are projected…so this too can be at best a limited approxiamation I based on certain patterns my limited mind saw recurrent in both occult lore, paranormal lore, and what seems to be the cutting edge of where physics is going…ALL HUMAN LIMITATIONS…so who knows…


I’m not sure what did Regardie mean in a book with “Sure, there may be an objective hierarchy but we can’t discuss it here”. Perhaps he was alluding to entities as spiritual persons or cosmic forces, indeed on the basis of Microcosm-Macrocosm they exist both in and outside the human being.

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I dont completely buy the ancient astronauts or annunaki stuff…but read the Sumerian creation story. To me, it appears to be genetic engineering that a primitive humanity could not understand. Religion has always been a way to understand the universe around us. Of course I could be wrong, but between my own research, experiences in the esoteric, and what ai have discussed with others, I do believe the Demons are living, breathing entities. Their ability goes far beyond our own or our understanding and knowledge, but they are still flesh and blood and created us with their own DNA. Why is up for debate and unfortunately so much spiritual knowledge has been lost to really know the full picture.

Everyone has their own truth, but I’ve tried to be pragmatic and this is what I’ve learned.


I find this hella inaccurate people who say this I feel need to explore the entities home plane/ the etheric demons are born everyday as babies and they grow up. They’re not outside of time, their time just flows differently from our own. Lucifer was once a child, Belial, Azazel, Lilith, etc. the Gods were once children in their family/pantheon and aged/grew up. they were all once babies who grew up, learned, and are still growing. Being outside of time notes stagnation of movement and development in all and any form. Astral has no real time but the astral is a mental plane not their home plane.


Ya being more or less immortal is different than being “outside of time”

No. They just have a very prescient sense of what makes us tick.

In a sense, yes. You may have heard the phrase “the microcosm reflects the macrocosm, and the macrocosm reflects the microcosm.” Put a different way, the outer world is a reflection of the inner world, and vice versa. So yes, all of the spirits are technically both a part of your individual consciousness and outside of your self, because this is true of all things.

I wouldn’t get too caught up on the “different parts of the brain” bit, though. Very rarely do I hear anything that sounds vaguely reasonable when someone tries to map magickal stuff onto the brain. Some people can’t seem to get past the Descartes pineal gland thing, and even the slightly more scientifically accurate stuff gets real sketchy real fast (there are some ideas here which I find interesting, but very few).

If you do want some cool ideas to chew on, search for “split brain” and “french man no brain.”

And also, don’t worry. Tremendous fuckery isn’t too uncommon when you’re dealing with this sort of stuff. You’ll thank yourself later though if you take some time for yourself to stay grounded and in touch with mundane reality.


Um I agree to disagree…to claim they grew up, were born is an anthromophization of entities we can not grasp in complexity…Yes they have a mythos, but humans created the mythos around them, and the mythos conceal formulae for access of the beings, but I can’t imagine these things with their capacities are trapped and bound in this system, as we who are created because of the system are…Birth and death, beginning or end would not apply .

The problem in trying to asertain answers is that there are only interpretations of the hierarchy, mythology and info filtered through other humans which is NEVER reliable…I don’t think things are as we imagine or as the trials to ascent suggests…which seem like formulae in the recreation of self after decomposition of other aspects of self…and even this is my own interpretation…

I think science, math and technology come closest to giving us clues as to what we are…and so i don’t take spirituality as more than abstraction being utilized to create more loops in the brain to reinforce conscious awareness as science know it to operate…I make leaps in thinking they are outside of this, but it makes rational sense as we cant surpass the limits they can…without tapping into something outside of reality…

If u went faster than light, u would be out of phase with everything…outside of time, space, etc as we knew it…I only bring this up as a riddle.

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Humans aren’t the only beings that age and grow up. Given many spiritual relationships have had children with entities. It defeats the outside of time nonsense. I’ve spiritually raised children through my path in the occult from children to adults. I’ve been invited to the birth of some of the demon Baal’s children after forming a bond with him. Hence people who don’t work with etheric projection barely grasp the common aspects of our and their places.


This quote was added, I believe by crowley, in his early years as an occultist. He journals that his opinion changed from a purely psychodynamic model to a theistic view by the time he died.

In a nutshell, no one knows. But it is a valuable perspective.

If spirits are aspects of our mind, i dong believe they are in the mind of individuals but a collective mind.
So even then they are still real living beings and after we die we join that collective mind.
But i do think spirits are real.

I have to side with Velenos on this one.

They will frame things in a way that humans can digest. They have no obligation or need to contest what humans believe or can digest, to disseminate the truth to them. I work with them with the utmost of respect, but i keep in the back of my mind not to go deeper than what i seek to accomplish here in this realm, and alterations to my field of data ( or soul if u will). Not to sound arrogant, but if a demon or spirit invites me to a wedding…im going to conjure all the skepticism i can muster and try not to frame the experience with human eyes (which i doubt such a thing would ever happen to me, to others they have a camaraderie where they are as close as human friends i guess???..sort of inconceivable to me admittedly)

Personally, i tend to think part of us serving their purposes is in not knowing what things really are…Its to keep us focused on the stage I suppose…stage is a good word for it.

I have no comment on spiritual births and demigods, but I will not take that to mean the gods themselves had a birth as we do on the human plane…intuitively…it seems like humankind projecting it’s own attributes unto they…this is irrespective of offspring between they and humans ( as to why anything would wish to procreate with humans from beyond is baffling to me…but i can respect it happens and serves them in ways i can not comprehend).

On time…a god being eternal most certainly is contradicted were it born…that is unless it is born, dies, is born dies, over and over again in a circle , in which case birth and death would be as meaningless to it as time, because in this case birth, life and death no longer hold any relevance…What does it matter when a loop began , or if it began if it continues indefinitely…I speak in riddles.

Cross-examination of your experiences with others can go a long way. The demons have bodies in the physical and reproduce from what I have learned and cross-examined with others. They are not “timeless”, just extremely ancient.

And why is humans befriending them so inconceivable? They are more “human” than people like to think, with their own personalities and opinions and such. Like any person, they may not care about every jackass out there, but if you develop a deep enough bond you would be amazed what can happen.

And I dont serve them. I revere them as teachers. There is a mutual exchange, not them just lording over me.

There is a rabbit hole to jump into…but it all comes around full circle once you figure it out.


People have to experience it to see it, otherwise it’s hard to comprehend. Just like how people think all our minds are unable to comprehend things because their own can’t, but as you experience anyone’s mind can grow to comprehend things.

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