Are Satanists immortal?

I heard Anton Lavey and Zeena Lavey say that they are immortal and followers of the left hand path wouldn’t die like the other people but they didn’t explain it further more
What do they exactly mean by that?

I imagine there have been topics created on this before but I couldn’t find any.
So… Please tell me what you think

When Lavey said he was immortal, he meant the Soul is immortal

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Do you mean immortal in a sense that everybody’s soul is immortal?


I don’t think that’s what he meant in the interview he says something like I took care of it :))
I think there might be a specific ritual or something they do that would make em carry on as themselves

That doesn’t really make sense. LeVeyan Satanism is atheistic, meaning its adherents don’t believe in anything beyond the physical world and, since LeVey is himself pretty dead, I would say any claims of actual immortality to be just more of his circus act.


yeah sure that’s what I thought but when Zeena talks about it she seems pretty serious
and she says something like she joined the temple of Set because it was more spritual and not as atheistic as the church of Satan I hope I’m not misquoting
I’m talking about this interview

There is a lot of silliness in Satanism, just like there is a lot of silliness in every other religion.

I mean, spiritual immortality is the main goal of most, if not all, magical systems, not just those of the Left Hand Path, so to claim that its adherents wouldn’t die “like other people” because of their beliefs is just dumb.

Immortality can be had by anyone who actually does the work. Being Left Hand has absolutely nothing to do with it (I’d wager there are probably more immortal Taoists and Buddhists than black magicians or Satanists).

Temple of Set is different than LeVayan Satanism, but I don’t really buy what they sell either.


Theres not a lot of silliness in satanism

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LaVey actually believed in magick and, in my opinion, believed in spiritual entities -Satan included. Later the Church of Satan changed that point of view to attract more followers. As I said, this is how I feel after performing personal research around Anton LaVey initial stataments.

Same thing happens with The Satanic Temple, I believe.

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There is nothing in LaVey’s writings that should ever lead to this conclusion.


That’s exactly what I think too

true, but Lavey believed in the metaphysical, just in his own way

I agree with @Xendrath , to a degree at least.

This is an excerpt from the book of "Children of Lucifer", by Ruben Van Luik. ; p.348 where he claims some of Lavey’s own writings as I quoted from the book, created some kind of misconception and lead such belief at least among some members of the Church of Satan.

“From the beginning, the Church of Satan had
attracted adherents who believed in the existence of Satan as a real, independent personality. Despite LaVey’s official stance on Satan as a metaphor, some passages in his writings
seemed to leave room for other interpretations. In The Satanic Bible, for instance, LaVey
had written that it was a “popular misconception” that a Satanist did not believe in a deity.
“To the Satanist ‘God’—by whatever name he is called, or by no name at all—is seen as the
balancing factor in nature, and not as being concerned with suffering. This powerful force
that permeates and balances the universe is far too impersonal to care about the happiness
or misery of flesh-and-blood creatures on this ball of dirt upon which we live.” It is unclear
from this passage if “God” here is the same as “Satan,” but the suggestion that they are to
be thought of as identical is reinforced by another passage, where LaVey distances himself
from the anthropomorphic image of Satan and declares instead that the fallen angel “represents a force of nature—the powers of darkness which have been named just that because
no religion has taken these forces out of darkness.” In both cases, LaVey’s terminology
was taken directly from Lévi, with whom he was certainly familiar. If we remember that
for Éliphas Lévi, “the powerful force that balances and permeates the universe” was indeed
Satan in his manifestation as “pantheos,” and at the same time the “magical agent” that was
employed by the magician, it is hard to avoid the impression that the Satanic High Priest
was entertaining a notion of Satan as an impersonal yet divine cosmic principle at the time
**of writing these lines.**30”

You may check the book too if you like.

@cloudy, I guess there’s no probably one and only ritual that leads easily to immortality. I once saw in one of Cosimano’s book some kind of a ritual to bind Santa La Muerte but this wasn’t aimed an eternal life as I remember. but I am nıot so sure you may ncheck if you want. If I get back to Lavey , if he ever meant anything at all; that would be; IMHO, the ascencion of the soul not one simple ritual. If you want to delve further about that; you may conctact Carl Abrahamsson as he made a movie about Lavey and he knows a lot regarding to Church of Satan and probably its hidden practices too.

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No need. I was immersed in LaVeys writings for years. I’ll rely on his official stance as the last word in what he actually meant rather than the interpretations of authors who may have an agenda in muddying the waters or on the opinions of followers who didn’t get it

OK ::slight_smile: I understand that the matter is controversial, please keep in mind that I’ve shared that as per the thread to highlight some claims not as an endorsement what people should or should not believe.

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Well I can’t speak for anyone else but I am eternal. Get on my level, space cowboy!

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Immortal in this world would be a goddamn immortal curse

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People who have no mastery over their lives would indeed find eternity to be a curse


:)) with the philosophy of Satanism it would be a grace

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