Conversation with Lucifer

Last night I had a conversation with Lucifer via pendulum.
I asked if Satan and Azazel were His aspects.
The answer was “Yes”.


I believe Satan and Lucifer is one! But I don’t wanna believe Azazel is Lucifer too… :laughing: that complicate things for me!!!


Lucifer is the metaphor of The Lord of the Air. In Christianity his name is YHWH.

Hello, I just want to clarify something here. YHVH (יהוה‬, aka Yahweh/Tetragrammaton, pronounced EE-AH-OH-EH) is not the same thing as Lucifer. יהוה‬ (EE-AH-OH-EH) is the Hebrew version of the Source/All/Divine, whereas Lucifer is a being that emanates from that Source, though he was created to bring knowledge and wisdom to humanity from the Source.

@MiKu As well, Azazel is indeed an aspect of Lucifer. It would be more accurate to think of Lucifer as not just one being, but as a current of power from which many beings emanate. Think of it like this - Lucifer has many different traits, qualities, and powers that he possesses, and different sets of these powers are accessible through different aspects or masks of him.

Lucifer-Azazel, for instance, can teach such things as overcoming personal boundaries, warfare, and deception (and protection from it), whereas his aspect of Lucifer-Amaymon is more proficient in revealing to you what lies in your Shadow, the unconscious, primal mind. It’s the full moon tonight btw, great night for calling upon Amaymon in my experience.


With the full moon, I’ll take advantage of invoking Azazel-Lucifer, tonight.


If Lucifer is female’ does that mean Satan is male’.:thinking:

Lucifer has a male and feminine (Venus) aspect. Satan has become a billboard for dogma. It simply means adversary.


Satan is a title so yes Satan is an aspect but Azazel, I don’t believe is another aspect of Lucifer.

I believe the “yes” you got was in relation to the satan question.

Fairly positive.

Pendulum is very easily swayed by the mind.


Well more people state that Azazel is an aspect. So i’m not sure. Mostly in divination you ask Lucifer to answer question with the Pendulum. You do that by opening the Sigil and use the pendulum over the Sigil while asking questions.

I don’t believe they are so.

Besides he basically asked two questions in one. Should’ve asked one, paused, and then gone for the other.

But to each their own.


Tonight I’ll summon Azazel and I’ll ask.
I let you know

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Azazel confirmed to be Lucifer aspect.
I asked via pendulum during a ritual.

any reason why you didn’t evoke?

I still stand by what I said. Pendulum is influenced by the mind.


Awakening Lucifer by Asenath Mason.
It’s about Lucifer’s Mask during the ages


One of my spirit allies told me Satan is a conglomerate. I’ll have to ask Azazel about whether he is an aspect of Lucifer. I’ll do it through meditation or evocation. It’s not a priority right now as I’m busy with other workings, but some day I’ll get to it.

Don’t use the pendulum or an ouija board. They’re unreliable ime.

Try meditating on Azazel’s sigil or evoke him for answers.

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Funny I have asked this before also and my answer was no Lucifer and Satan are not the same. How Ever “Satan” Means Adversary and Lucifer was an Adversary to the Old Testament God so in that sense you could say yes. But Jesus Christ* as was also clearly an Adversary to the Sold Testament God as well. So you could call him a Satan as well.

*Those that don’t understand that you need to research Jesus and his actual teachings and words and you will find out his GOD was Source and not the Tyrant God of the Old Testament he came to save his people from. He and the Serpent has the same message. “That you can be like God” And taught how to do it. Also if google you will find what a lot of people have found that he is Lucifer, some even call him Satan. I came to this conclusion, I while back and it seems more and more people are seeing this as well. How ever Hardcore Christians and Satanists will disagree.

** I think we all get the answers we need and with Pendulums very likely he ones you want. I prefer muscle testing.

(EE-AH-OH-EH) is the Hebrew version of the Source/All/Divine, whereas Lucifer is a being that emanates from that Source, though he was created to bring knowledge and wisdom to humanity from the Source.

I have been wondering about that. So if EE-AH-OH-EH is the Hebrew version of the Source/All/Divine. The Old testament God just assumed that role and calmed to be Source. Everything emanates from source.

i thought lucifer is the devil, the arch adversary in christian tradition? i am drunk?

Christianity has mocked and satirized and cast out as evil every piece of precious life. In the name of ignorance.

Satan has aspects of many demons, so I understand the answer. However, I don’t know if Azazel is Lucifer.