Are jjin always grumpy and pissed off?

Is this because idiots sucking on Allah and The Koran have been summoning and mistreating them for centuries?


Could be, more than half of the verses in Quran consist of cursing the shaitan (Satan) and his jinns and blaming them for every little problem they have. You got depression? Well it’s the Satan lets curse him 108 times in the name of allah, they also specifically travel to Mecca to throw stones at Satan, the crane accident also took place during a stone throwing session :imp:


Hahah yeah of course.

Have you summoned jjinns and received a cordial connection due to the fact that you know Islam is poisonous trash?

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Haha haven’t summoned any jinns, hope they’re nice to folks like us.

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Jinn are very tricky creatures. I tried to conjure one once. I got nothing but strange sounds and laughter at night. Eventually, it/they left.

Islam has a point about messing with the jinn. Be careful.


true. I wish i could find one who works with them. You mast be a master to do so.

I recommend the book, Jinn Magick: How to Bind the Jinn to do Your Bidding by Baal Kadmon. It is a good reference on dealing with jinn.

Lmao no . Jinns are pagan gods . Ibilis is Satan . Allah is a thoughtform . He does not exist. yahweh and jesus is also a thoughtforms uwu .

Jinns and demons are same .

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