Are demons trustworthy

I’ve been seeing a lot of demons recently. First I saw Andras and yesterday’s night I saw stolas. Stolas seems like a good guy, but is he trustworthy?

I think I have a connection with owls.

Demons are as trustworthy as each individual human, trust is not a general thing, it’s a personal individual aspect of the bonds you make.


What he said

Well it’s up to you to build relationship with both of them…uf you are wise they can be for sure.

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If only one person experience something . it’s in their head. Until many have same experience we can think it’s consensus reality. deductive reasoning. logical thinking.

For example , we have a thread that interview the 72 goetia. If the interview is posted without awareness from 3-4 different interview of same demon gathering info. And there is common answers then it’s possible them demons are the same and real if the answer is the same. So there is something to it.

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Basically if UPG becoming SPG with without frontload.

UPG is only you experiencing it, but the person who has said UPG can invite others to see something without giving them any information and they see majority of what was shown to them, say you show someone a green tree and everyone sees the tree but not the same color, it becomes SPG because they all confirmed that it’s a tree. Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG) becomes Shared Personal Gnosis. (SPG)

Negative parasitic, draining, vampiric shadow things…

no generally not trustworthy lol

Demonized gods, angels, spirits, devines and almost every purposefully misinterpreted God, old Gods goddesses or religions only known as demons today due to church agenda or cultural oppression propaganda…

Yes can be very trustworthy depending on who.


Not even actual demons are like this.


Demons, and any entity, are trustworthy ime. But they are as trustworthy as much as you allow yourself to believe or know. So tell the right story about them. Remove doubt and fear. Respect them as you would wish to be respected. Tell yourself until it feels true, that they are very trustworthy.

One thing to note for beginners who may not know: they cannot defy the natural laws that govern the Universe. But they will help you, if you command it.


Trust them and they well trust you and show you and help you more this spirit have they’re own Consciousness and personality and likes and dislikes trust them because they trusting you enough to show themselves and hey that means you are doing your practice right good job my dude

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I can agree I have deep bonds and I trust them completely and I love them to death deep bonds are the most connected and the most beautiful thing that can happened to you