Are demons afraid of something?

I’m curious if they have someone or something that they are afraid of, do they?

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I’m sure some of them do. However, they’re not going to show it so easily.

Do you know some of them?


I see, maybe someone knows something. Thank you for answering.

I would be careful though if I were you. Even if you find out their fears, they may not take it kindly and you may end up having powerful enemies after you.


I have experience with it, back then I didn’t know that there are so much more about them rather than just a demon. That’s why my curiosity with these things began and I started to learn magick.

I think this is personal and change from demon to demon, from being to being, each might have a certain thing or other being they fear, there’s no reason though for them to tell us I guess. If you have a close relationship to one of them, they might tell you, otherwise hardly you’ll know, also cause people who were trusted with such thing won’t go telling to everyone.
Now if there’s a creature or something that they all fear, is even more hardly possible that they would share such thing with us. At least that’s my thoughts on this.

Welp that’s true since they also have their own personalities and such. But how do these demons let people go close to them? I mean how close can we get to them?

According to a very experienced magician, the only thing demons fear, and respect, are the archangels (he was referring to the demons of the Goetia in particular).


It’s very much like the bible

The Bible? Seriously?

I think whether demons have fears or not isn’t important. Everyone fears at some point in their existence. What matters is facing them and overcoming them. I’d say the demons did both already and will do so again if need be whether you look at Persian myths or Judaism- Christian or any other it’s clear they face up to and conquer fear.

And referencing Christian mythology if they never faced their fears they’d have never tried to war on god. (I don’t subscribe to the all powerful god no sense but if I did I’d say making war on him was facing their fears and overcoming them irregardless of the outcome of it).


Not really. Angels and demons aren’t enemies, as portrayed in the religious propaganda. They generally get along fine outside of some personal grudges.

The demons simply acknowledge that the archangels aren’t to be trifled with. Contrary to the edgelord propaganda rampant in the Left Hand Path, archangels can seriously fuck you up if you piss them off.


I think I understand your point. This is such a good explanation.

But I think DarkestKnight is right though, between what happened to both of them I also like to think that they are getting along.

Curious as why you would want them in fear ? Ancient gods we call on for communion and knowledge if it please them to give. If it’s a bad connection then sever it and be done . Why make a enemy my friend ?


Wait, wait. I didn’t mean it that way, I’m just curious ever since what happened with my cousin.

Not only do they respect the archangels but there are many angels that are stronger and considered “terrible”. Some of these angels have terrifying faces according to the grimoire descriptions and can bring the demon (and other spirits) in chains in front of the magician and compel them to answer any question.


Some of these angels can be found in Sepher Há-Razim:
“These [angels] […] stand firm, they are surrounded by terrors and shrouded in anger and dread, everyone who looks at them trembles before their strength, their appearances are like fire, their faces like lightning, and their mouths never stop uttering words that make the firmaments of this earth shake, yet their voices are not heard, for they are in charge of silencing, frightening and terrifying every creature.”


Reason why I wanted to know if demons are afraid of something.

Well you see, my cousin and I opened our senses to these things 2 years ago. Ever since that day, he began to see spirits and even hear them. A month or two later, he later messages me that he can see a spirit who calls himself asmodeus. The name rings a bell to me then I searched about him and I found out that he’s a demon. I told him that and said that he didn’t looked like the demons in the internet, which I found confusing. Months later, he came to our house for vacation and I asked if he still sees asmodeus. He answered yes, me and my ‘friend’ decided to talk with asmodeus, to verify if he is true. But someone unexpected came that night, it wasn’t just asmodeus he also said that satan also came. I’m pretty sure that he wasn’t practicing any witchcraft, but i could never forget how intense my room was when they were in my room. I looked at my cousin and he’s casually chatting with them, even calling satan with names too but all he ever got was a smack to the head and when he got punched in the face. I’m sorry if this is taking too long but here’s what inspired my question. When my ‘friend’ arrived, my cousin had a confused look in his face and asks my ‘friend’ if he did something. I asked him why and said that the two of them left the room, my ‘friend’ laughs as if we were watching some sort of comedy. My cousin realized that the reason why the two left the room was because of ‘her’. He tried to convince the both of them to talk to us, but they refused. When they finally gave in and talked to us, but the talk didn’t really matter since the room felt heavy and no one dared to talk. When my friend left, things came back to normal and my cousin asked them what’s wrong. They didn’t answer at all, thus we decided to end it there.

At first i wasn’t convinced that he can see the two of them, but feeling something like that is evident enough for me and not to mention that my cousin’s face is red from his punch(he yelled when he got punched).