Are demons afraid of something?

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think I remembered something like this from the book of enoch, there are some angels that are made to scare demons away.

Yes, there are many spirits (even other demons) that are very strong, strong enough to terrify any human, any demon of the goetia and even some angels.

This is really interesting to see.

Well said


Reminds of this video I stumbled upon. Creepy but Interesting as whats been mentioned on the topic.


i dont know if its fear,respect or both but Samael seems to interact in a different manner with other spirits
in this situation it happened with a King.

i tought it was respect but the worried face in the other spirit caused me doubt,so i dont know.

but this is a hard question,because i would have to interact with every spirit in question in the same situation to know right?
really hard to know.

but my theory is,if he caused that impact in a King,what he can cause in a different spirit?

i have no idea.

good question,indeed.

looking forward for more answers(even knowing this one is hard )


Absolutely, most are pretty terrifying . They all deserve our respect

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I think angel in general are under utilized in the LHP community

According to the book of Tobit from the Apocrypha, Asmodeus can be compelled to leave by burning fish innards and walking the perimeter of the house. I would also feel compelled to leave since Im not fond of seafood.
Then there is the Testament of Solomon, which is also very interesting. They feared his ring. He compelled them to spill secrets with his ring.

Hope this helps.

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