Are Azazel and Belial Related?

I remember somebody said that Azazel is the type of Demon to never let somebody else be above him, and that he seemed similar to Belial in that sense but also more generally.

Ever since then, it’s made more and more sense to me the more that I gravitate towards Belial that even though their energies may feel different, that I’ve been thinking in my mind that there may be truth to this in that their attitudes are more similar than we thought.

Opinions? @AlphaC can you ask Azazel?

P.S Even when I mean to write Azazel, I blurt out Belial in my mind.


A few nights ago, some wraith was pretending to be Azazel to fuck me over.

In the end, I kicked that wraith’s ass.
But to be sure I’m going through a series of banishings and cleansings to make sure this doesn’t happen again.
I won’t be working with Azazel for a while for the sake of my safety.

Just in case, no worries he was not an imposter the entire time, only happened for 1 night.


You shouldn’t have that problem anymore. A few days ago there was a situation going on but that has been resolved. I am surprised but not surprised that a wraith came to you in his place and I am glad you realized it and kicked his ass. Thank you for clarifying something for me. And know it is being dealt with so if you want to call Azazel you should not have a problem again.


Actually @anon9236988
Are you able to ask him?

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I will whenever I feel better, but warning answers may be a bit cryptic. He and I are both cryptic, lol!

Though, I have noticed for a while that they do seem kinda similar. Maybe not entirely the same, but they do have a lot of similarities. Like you said, they have similar attitudes, and their energies are a bit the same, as well.


Well I’m glad I’m not alone in this!
Cryptic is fine, Papa Azazel just wants us to figure it out lol. :smiley_cat:


:open_mouth: Lady_Eva is responding! :smiley_cat:

They are both demonic gatekeepers. I sense something almost brotherly between them. I often see them and Lucifer appear all together.


That’s about what I’ve been thinking too.


“In many ways am I connected to my brethren. One of the most important connections, indeed, are through us being the gatekeepers. Connection between us is something, that others may say, is required for being gatekeepers…”

I think that’s about what Azazel said. I’m still feeling a little off, so take it with a grain of salt. I could only hear so much, but eh, better than expected.

I also keep hearing “One falls, we all fall.” That one may just be my mind, but I’m unsure. :woman_shrugging:


I can accept that answer. They seem very much to be a unit. Belial is my personal gatekeeper Azazel informed me that isn’t permanent anyone of the gatekeepers could take that role. And there are some things that in the role of the personal gatekeeper that they cant do because they are so involved in the magicians well being they cannot be objective.

They (except Lucifer who appointed Belial as my gatekeeper) seem to be eager to swap places. But it feels weird like swapping wives LOL.


I have asked Azazel this before and he basically said what RE3 said. He is very similar to Belial in the same way that brothers would be. He feels towards belial as someone would their brother which I find sweet.


That’s awesome and adorable hahahaha


It is adorable yes. Love Azazel.


I wish i could show you my “maps”(using the tree of life of kabbalah/quliphoth and natal charts).
Anyone with Neptune in Capricorn is a baby soul of Belial.
Although he is seen as “bad/evil” in the past and the bible, which is pretty accurate, the tables have turned where he actually stands “good”, with the standards the light entities are currently living.

In my personal opinion/experience, Azazel is Belial’s “first-born” and closest entity comparable to Belial. I also sense that he is more “bad” than Belial, as he learned from the best and grew from there.
Belial is a(retired*) King, as Azazel usually does his own thing.

I hope this all makes sense…ive been wanting to talk about them for quite some while now.

How about Father/son? (Belial/Azazel)

(I feel a little shy to say my opinion about Lucifer lol)

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