Archangel's sigil tattooed

I read some posts about how some people got a demon sigil tattooed,I was thinking about getting the archangel’s sigil tattooed how will it affect my life ?it is also with that connected and energies ?
and how the demons will look at me after that ?

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Only if you intend it to, otherwise it’s just ink.

Nothing is magick until you, the practitioner make it so.

However you intend them to. Be clear in your mind and heart what you want and what message you are sending into the universe, and so it is.


I have one of Lilith’s seals tattooed on my wrist. Not because of any affiliation (even 5hough she was the first spirit I ever evoked) but because I like the story and what she stands for as it echoes parts of my own.

I was gonna get Astaroth’s too because I think it’s a cool sigil, but I decided against it. Astaroth is an awesome spirit btw; they’re very intense but chill. If that makes any sense. Second spirit I ever evoked.

Sorry for the rambling… I think my edible is kicking in

so i did it,at the beginning my head was spinning,cold, feeling of lightness ,
and now I feel such a loss in my heart,as if I lost something ,that I will no longer be able to work with demons


I work with Archangels AND Demons, if you feel a block it’s your belief manifest.
YOU are the operant power of YOUR world and your magick.


I’m not a Christian, demons have never scared me,I just feel that I lost the opportunity to work with them

Sara if your gut tells you this doesnt sit right with you than just dont do it simple as that.There are deeper reasons that you counciously dont know why it bothers you.

Well blood pain and ink are literaly potent ingredients to activate any sigil really.

And tattoos are hard to get rid off .

Listen to yourself meditate about it and when the bother overweighs it just dont take actions youll regret later down the road.

Just sayin🤷🏻‍♂️but its your life girl do what you wanna do

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This is beautiful, and you are meant to have this on you, otherwise the decision would not have been made. Clear your mind, you are not condemned nor are you shackled to anything. You can work with whomever and have the power to do so.

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thank for answer

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thanks for answer ,I also think

i would say if you want to get sigil tattooed make sure you bring your own ink changer it up with the spirit you want to work for your life as tattooed. get the blessing of the spirit before doing it enplane your reasoning on why you are getting there sigil tattooed on your flash, there are also think called soul tattooed i would look into that as well

If you get the sigil tattooed with the intent for it to affect your life, then it probably will. If not, then it’s just ink. There’s people who aren’t involved in the occult who get tattoos representative of spirits and it doesn’t do much for them, just like any other tattoo they would have gotten.

I think it would be alot like if you drew a sigil, unless you do something with that sigil - it’s just ink on paper. Same concept applies here. Also having a tattoo of one spirit won’t affect your ability to work with others, I don’t know if that’s what you meant towards the end of your post. I have Lilith’s sigil tattooed and it hasn’t stopped me from doing anything.

this yes truth

yes, I already know about that