Archangel Sigils

Looked around online and the forum here, I get there are several archangel sigils, I’m curious which “set” do y’all think work best? Personally I don’t feel a draw towards any of them.

  1. Well, pick the one that you FEEL will work best.
  2. Ask a pendulum to know which set to use.
  3. Make your own sigils using the rose cross.

I use the below ones, they seem to work.


I use the sigils given for the Guardians of the Watchtowers from Evoking Eternity.


They’re similar I think to the rose cross ones I’ve seen, I think. Pretty sure @MKUltraMadeMeDoIt uses these ones?


Didn’t know KOF had them, they’re for Michael and the gang?


No, not Kingdoms of Flame. They are in the book Evoking Eternity.


My bad, at work for a couple more hours, been a long night. Thank you again


You’re welcome. If you don’t have the book, I can post them for you if you would like.


I don’t and it would be helpful I think. Or at least it seems like it would synch with what I’m planning at least. I’ve never seen those ones before, had no idea E.A. worked with them

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Yeah, after drinking deep of Black Magick, EA drank of the waters of White Magick too. He joined a holy order, learned to call angels through prayer rather than evocation, and even completed the entire Abremelin Operation and achieved the Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. He describes his journey mainly in his books Questing After Visions and Ipsissimus.


I’m waiting on Belial’s book currently, will be my first one. Working through BOA right now, but mostly have been listening to it during my shifts.

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Mind if I pm you DK?

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Here are the sigils from Evoking Eternity:

I don’t think they are original to EA, but I haven’t found them anywhere else but his work.

Sure, you can PM.


The sigils of Raphael, Michael and Gabriel appears in Konstantinos - Summoning Spirits, but I think they are from Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips book “The Sword & the Serpent”.


Thank you, haven’t read that first one in decade. Totally forgot about it, just brought back nostalgia for me

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I double checked my copy of Summoning spirits, and you are indeed correct, though there are slight differences between EA’s versions and those of Konstnatinos.

I can’t believe I didn’t even realize that was where they were from. It just shows that I spend more time working from EA’s books than anyone else’s :smile:

I’ve never read the Denning and Phillips book you mentioned.

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yes, they are the rose cross version :stuck_out_tongue:

As people have more than one mobile no, spirits have more than one sigil. Use any of the available ones and you would contact the spirit. If its sceptical for you to trust others work, create austin osman type custom sigil from the names of angels or demons, that is safest way to contact the right spirit.
E.g. Archangel Gabriel.

  1. List down all the letters in those two words.
  2. Eliminate duplicates
  3. REMOVE the letters AEIOU.
  4. Form an enticing image/design from the remaining letters and

Voila, you got a special perfect working sigil for the spirit in question :wink:


combine archangel sigils and the tree of life in Hebrew as sigils. Get the angelic pentacles of Solomon and use them together with archangel sigils and the tree of life in Hebrew. Then activate them with blood or seamen. Take my advice.


I don’t really know much about this sigil of a thing…i know about seals and characters.

For this of the Archangels, I make use of their Characters or the Character corresponding to their Planets.

Like, I want to call Anaël, and I don’t know his character, though I may call him without it and asked for the Character from him, but i could use the Character of the Planet Venus to invoke him seeing that his planet is Venus.

Does anyone know anything about these ^?

These, for example, is a seal or character of Zadkiel.

Hold on…you mean semen? Seriously? Actual blood? On an Angelic Pentacle? I’m lost here.

Even for this Demons, not all of them fancy this crap and stuff.

I something online the other day too, you masturbate to charge any Pentacle in the Key of Solomon. Yet Solomon talk about the ‘Requisite Solemnities’. Oh oh or is this how dark occult practitioner do theirs?

Blood, semen, etc