Archangel Sandalphon Question

I just started my sphere working with Archangel Sandalphon

I found this

But I’ve also found an Enn and another sigil by Satania on YouTube

Does anyone have experience with this enn and sigil?

Also any other recommendations for pathworking? And what Sandalphon likes in terms of offerings

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I always had a weird feeling that Sandalphon is actually the Horned God - Pan, Cernnunos, etc. The energy always felt the same to me and Pan’s powers that Wicca gives him actually does match up with Sandalphon…

My advice is if you want to really feel Sandalphon, look more closely into the Horned God. I could of course be wrong with this but I always sensed it.

Otherwise sorry, I cant really be of anymore help.


I can’t be sure, but those don’t look like the types of seals I usually see associated with angels.

I don’t usually use them however, I’ve found that I prefer a call over sigil with angels.

I googled it and I see some seals that look closer to what I’d expect- I’d probably use those if I felt inclined to use one.

As far as offerings go, I tend to only get asked for gratitude from angels, if anything at all. I give gratitude for a job well done however even if it’s not requested to the best of my ability, because I believe energy is important to spirits and gratitude is a fine energetic offering imop, if not one of the best.

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Since “enns” come from the religion of demonolatry, and thus are in the demonic tongue, I’m not sure how an angel would feel about being called with one. I’ve never used anything from Satania, except for the astral senses mantra that they stole from this forum.

I have used this sigil to evoke him. It’s made from his name traced upon the Rose Cross sigil generator, and I think it is the most well known sigil for him. Koetting provides it in his book Evoking Eternity, which is where I used it from.

I have talked with Sandalphon using the pathworking imagery in Jareth Tempest’s book Archangel Pathworkings,

Angels don’t generally require offerings, but if you want to give something, a glass of pure, cold water, or a white candle will work, as well as a sincere thank you.


Really!? Fancy that… Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :smiley: :joy:

I’ve talked with Sandalphon but through vision work from Josephine Mccarthy’s work in The Exorcists Handbook. That’s a very different approach, there’s no offerings, it’s almost more like a pathworking (path walking) through a landscape, you do get a very visceral sense of the sheer size and power of this being.

I never use enns and angels ime don’t take offerings and may scoff a little if you try to treat them that way: they’re not the same thing at all as those that like a tipple, and tis one is more like a sentient force or power than a person. I wouldn’t if I were you.


Yeah, they made a video of Micah’s astral senses mantra that he channelled from Meton lol


These “angelic enns” come from v.k. jehannum, I believe.

Basically, “Agios es [angelic name], divum et vorsipelle”

(You can plug whatever angel into the format)


I was curious about the sigil too because I never saw it before, but seeing an angelic enn was pretty shocking lol, it would make sense it’s from VK, I remember using similar words from his rituals

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@DarkestKnight I honestly don’t see it as stealing but it would be ideal if they gave credit but they dont make profit on it so I see it as more of a tool they wanted to share with people, I’m pretty sure a lot of members on the forum use that video for astral senses, it’s very useful