Archangel Samael- Help is Appreciated

Hello to all. I read a story on this forum where Lilith did something wrong according to me and I called her out for it. Not literally, but I did thought to myself that I do not like her and will not work with her ever. But recently I found out about archangel Samael. Seems like a cool archangel who watches over the people who work with him. Love the guy. But I am hesitant cause of the things I thought about Lilith. I am afraid to call to Archangel Samael because of that.

And I am quite a judgmental guy and somewhat not afraid to speak my mind. Another example is about Yahweh. I judge him as well because of the Old Testament. Never liked the crimes he committed. Same with Allah. And yes I would not hesitate to judge hindu gods/dieties either. I don’t know a lot about my religion but if my gods did do something that does not match my morals and principles I will not hesitate to call them out for it. So Looking at my judgmental behavior, will Archangel Samael fuck my life up?


No he’s awesome evoke him


Oh cool thanks for the response. After I thought about the question I got a sign from him as well. I immediately saw the number 555. A good sign


i really like that you’re judgemental that just shows me that you cannot tolerate shit from others
i really see myself in you that’s why i’m laughing :rofl:


Dear Rikki1511,

You express good concerns here.

Yes, a Judgemental Mindset can be a problem.
But hear me out, why:

Lots of the Lore and Stories we have to work with,
simply because it’s the only written documents about something,
or from a certain time,
isn’t exactly resembling the exact story as it went down.

So indeed,
you might find yourself wrongly accusing someone,
based on evidence,
you can not check yourself.

Now, with any written word,
there’s also a writer,
who’s put it there.

And generally we say “history, is written by the winners.”

So, in many cases,
deities and Gods had to deal with,
being labled by those who considered themselves their followers,
or even sometimes enemies,
writing about them,
rather then with them.

Lucky for you,
we have a great contribution,
thanks to C.Kendall,
which actually is channeled directly from those beings.

Take a moment,
to read it for yourself.

If you feel an urge,
or uncomfort,
while reading it,
trust me,
that’s normal.

You can then,
reflect on it a little bit,
and think about your proposal again.

Samael, indeed is a very old being.

To him,
human lifes,
are like the life of a fly,
to you is.

To give somewhat a reference.

So going towards such a being,
with an accusive mindset,
surely isn’t something i’d encourage you to do.

take the time to study the being,
and when it starts contacting you,
seek the conversation,
in how you can understand their choices,
and how come their morals differ from yours.

You can still judge,
if you REALLY feel you need to,
after you’ve gone that route.

At least,
it increases your chances of finding a better solution,
both for your safety,
as well as for your actual spiritual progress,
along the way.




I was hesitant to get in contact with Lilith myself because she intimidates me.

Then one night, she introduced herself. She is so beautiful, loving and maternal. She’s the mother I wish I had.

The point I’m getting at is: don’t knock it until you try it.

As for Samael, he has usually come to me by himself. Don’t let their relationship throw you off. Also, he won’t judge you for being reluctant about Lilith.


Thank you so much for taking the time to give me advice.

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Oh that’s cool. Lord Samael seems chilled. Thank you so much for advice.