Archangel Michael teachings on YHWH

Yesterday I did a prayer to Michael and Raziel
Here is something for yall to see that these angels are good this is from today watched some things and klowlege came to me I researched and it cam true I was watching videos and things just came like this is wrong wthis is what it is.

The ritual of the Headles on from Greek papirus refers to the so called god of the jews one of his names is yhwh Abrasax. There is a link with Athen in egypt but the bigest link is that

Yhwh the Headles on is a Sun god which from little research can be Osiris from Egypt as you know with the azteks there were major sacrifices to the sun god and some other gods in some book the sungod is counted as the most powerful god of the gods. so to the point
Solomon the king how did he got to make a wish to Yhwh he did 1 000 burnd offerings which mean animal sacrifices and The sun god gave him wisdom and power.

This is the wisdom given today I am reseaching I found out more cool things. :slight_smile: praise to Michael and Raziel!
I am still reading stuff :slight_smile:


there is a connection between abraham and osiris the mormons make a connection
more tomorrow have a headache now :sleeping:

Oh nice. Did they teach you how to gain power?

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How to read the minds of others, how to control them?

no I dont want that I only seek knowlege I collect occult books :slight_smile: In life I am intrested in pleasure money and peace

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Uh what? Yahweh and Osiris weren’t similar in the slightest,Yahweh being a Canaanite God of sky and war and Osiris a God of fertility and agriculture, who later had to journey through the Duat and became a God of the dead and resurrection.


you see there is layering on top of layering like the hindu gods we go to the botom of things there it becomes more obscure but the truth is there

Yes how do you get pleasure… u mean sex

there are theoris about the god set 2 but I think he is tricking people I will research :slight_smile: we need to see who this character saturn is

fun activities sex yes I have a gf I will see to get a new one I have motorcycle bicycle some sports these things

If anything Yahweh held similarities to Set who was originally a Sky God/afterlife/war God who later became a God of darkness (by political means which later became some poorly twisted LHP means) albeit not to say they are the same. Though I do believe Sumer (Canaanite being a minor branch of the Sumer) and Egyptian pantheon are related/family similar to the Norse and Celtic.


now there is something I am talking about the god of Abraham there are theories Yhwh is a different god altoghther I mix them in my saying but you have to know the greek and egypt phantheons are the same with different names that is a huge clue and the YHWH cam out of egypt for sure 100%

How do u get these things? Did Micheal Teach u lmao

start practising and you will know I may be delusinal who knows time will tell

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Oh ok. Can u share what he told u tho

I worship the teddy bear god :grinning: he gave me knowlege

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The Greek and Egyptian pantheon aren’t the same, the Greek and Roman are the same, when Greek came and conquered Egypt that’s when Greek absorbed and remolded a lot of Egypt’s stuff. To even claim Greek and Egypt are the same pantheon is questionable.

Yahweh came from Canaanite so you’re wrong there. His father was the Canaanite God El before the followers of Yahweh converted him into monotheism and titled him El. When the father God El divided the region he gave his sons their own region, Yahweh was given Israel, Yahweh’s children once he got the name El became known as the sons of El, i.e every angel with 'el behind their name.


I am making my research base on the headles ritual from grece which I link the god yhwh with osiris I am still researching :slight_smile: I know the other research but still doesnt answer everything

Osiris has never been associated with the sun. Before becoming god of the Underworld, he was a god of agriculture and fertility. You’re thinking of Ra.

But even then, there’s no connection between them.

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