Archangel Michael Caused Insomnia, but Belphegor Cured it

I usually work with demonic entities and deities but I wanted to branch out, mostly because someone who hates me because they believed lies about me works with angels and I wanted to see if one could use angels to keep other angels from messing with you, soooooo.

I called on Archangel Michael. Since I read that he is basically “head angel” and a warrior and all that. So I did and I summoned him similar to how I would do a demon conjuring but my mother in law came in hours earlier than she was supposed to and I had to cut it short. I told Archangel Michael that I would call to him again the next day, but things happened and it’s been a week and I haven’t gotten around to it. The problem is that ever since then, I haven’t been able to sleep. Not a wink. It seems I disrespected Archangel Michael and now he’s interfering with my sleep.

I took melatonin, and it didn’t work. It usually does. I tried sleeping pills, and they just made me feel drowsy but still no sleep. I tried warm milk, rice with honey and lavender. I tried Benadryl. I tried NyQuil PM. I have tried every single method that usually helps but just nothing worked. When I would close my eyes, I felt super white-hot heat on my eyelids and saw blue then I would be wide awake. I tried taking extra of my PTSD and anxiety meds, just in case it was mental health related. I tried cannabis, reading, jumping jacks, taking a walk. I asked an incubus to literally drain my energy until I passed out but I still couldn’t fall asleep. Just everything I could think of.

Last night my fiance had enough of this and he called on Belphegor and let me tell you I don’t remember falling asleep so fast in my entire life. Idk what my fiance offered to Belphegor but he helped me get the sleep I desperately needed. I usually have very vivid dreams, but not last night. I had no dreams at all. It’s just like, black out sleep. I’m so very achy today and I notice lingering energy in our apartment. I want to thank Belphegor for helping me sleep but I also need advice on how to appease Archangel Michael.


It might not have been a reactionary thing as much as the lack of closure and him still being around so you could feel it it. You know that low level of stress you get when you think there’s something you were supposed to do but forgot what? Did you close out the ritual/circle and banish or left it open enough to feel low key like there was something you should be doing other than sleeping?

Or it could have been his energy just in your face waiting for the end of the ritual proper :smiley:

I would start by redoing the ritual in full so that the circle can be closed completely. You can always change up the intent if the thing isn’t wanted anymore.


It actually might be that, I’m not used to his energy.

I’ll do that and see about closing the circle. I just need time to do it, things get so busy!

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I just finished the ritual, and I have to say his energy was far from what I’m used to! I feel like I can win a mile long race right now with how much freaking energy I have right now oh my gosh!

I found out that instead of white candles next time he wants blue! I’m going to be making a jar of offerings for him to add two overtime each time I work with him! My first came he thought he was here to banish some demons but when I told him what I actually needed he was surprisingly okay with it. Apparently as long as I “don’t deserve” the Angels coming after me he will totally send them away with no harm to anyone involved. I kind of asked him to prove it was him and in my minds eye I saw him shove a flaming sword in my face and it felt as if an actual fire in real life was next to my face even though there was no actual fire next to my face. I thanked him and apologized if I insulted him and he explained that he was simply doing as I asked. I noticed all the candles flames were like blowing towards me in the center of the circle, even though I had all the fans and AC off. I decided to do this at noon since most of the times I do demonic work at midnight to 3:00 a.m.

I ended up completing the ritual and when I looked over at the clock it was 1:11pm. So that’s pretty cool. I will say he was easier to see in my mind’s eye then he was to hear, usually I can hear pretty well so that’s odd. Maybe my anxiety was getting the best of me.

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