Archangel Gabriel is nice ( experience)

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday I evoked Archangel Gabriel for a second time I was using a chart that includes letters and numbers. She was so lovable.I offered her something to drink but she said “It is not not for me” I also offered citrine , some flowers and white candles.
I also drew her sigil to communicate with her.

I also wanted to have clairvoyance, she said my aunt in love would be coming to my house and I would get a massage , and it happened.

*I feel so lucky to have a chance to work with her *

My only question is how do I straigjten my bond with her.

What she told me happened , but my pendulum is kind of complicated can anyone send me better one.


Nice setup :ok_hand:

Thank you


Simply ask her. I’m sure she wont mind.


Ask her that she should come when next you say her name. Then you do not need any sigil or elaborate ritual.

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She gives me news about people around me
Thank you.

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What a fantastic working , keep working and posting it about it , you should try reading psalms to her and try the ritual of assumption , which is visualizing her over your own body .

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I don’t know the meaning of assumption, but I think I understand your point today she was moving my hands and keeping my chest warm

Can you send me some psalms?

Can you explain more about assamption ritual @NailOH

Read the Bible and pick any of them .

Okay , simply sit down and visualize that The Archangel Gabriel is enveloping over your physical body .

Thank you.

Np , ask as many questions as you’d like .

Chat with them sometimes. It’s clearly in their interests as well so just ask them to guide you.

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This is amazing, i love the altar <3 Im currently working to merge my soul with gabriel so i invoke him everyday. If you want me to help you i can channel messages from entities for people, ive just started getting the hang of it. send me a message if you want me to help, you would be helping me too. If not i hope everything goes well. Gabriel really wants to work with you. i call gabriel a him but angels are androgenus anyway.

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This is a rule here at BALG!

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@Lewy-J Please be aware that you cannot offer things like this to members of the forum. We have a rule that prohibits new members from offering readings, channelling, or ritual (including in PM) until they have been active for at least a minimum of 90 days, and you have only been here for three. It helps to prevent people from being taken advantage of by someone who has no post history or body of work on the forum for people to check out.


No problem. i didnt really think of it as a reading of any sort. I talk to spirits everyday and just wanted to help out for nothing in return. I guess with the lockdown i spend more time talking to spirits than people. Are you saying people pay for this kind of thing? I literally saw it as passing on a message. So its like tarot readings? sorry im kinda confused by all this i never even saw it in this way before.

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