Archangel Adventures, a Pathworking

Day 13, Hamaliel. Another smooth invocation, another smooth result. Hamaliel seemed a bit more reserved than the others I’ve worked with during this operation, but for all his subtle presence, I could tell his presence is pervasive.

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Day 14, Haniel. Another smooth invocation. The manifestation of this one’s results feels a bit different, not bad, but weird. Internal manifestation is always a bit odd, but this feels almost bubbly in my chest.

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Once again I forgot to post yesterday’s invocation…

Day 15, Iophiel. Smooth as usual, nothing too wild. His presence was subtle but strong.

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Day 16, Kamael. Another smooth invocation, another step closer to completion. I will say everything was slightly muted feeling during this invocation though, probably because of the new moon. Still went pretty well.

Day 17, Malchidiel. Another invocation done smoothly. This one felt subtly intense, hard to describe. Went well though.

Day 18, Metatron. This one went smoothly too, although his presence sort-of hit like a truck. Honestly, this one had me a bit nervous as to how he would handle being called upon for this, but my fears were unfounded.

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Day 19, Michael. Another day, another invocation. Went well, pretty business as usual. His presence was kinda semi-subtle, but firm. Overall, it was a good invocation.

Day 20, Muriel. Another invocation completed, and I’m now two-thirds of the way through this operation. Overall, tonight’s invocation went smoothly, and he was most agreeable to call upon.

Day 21, Nathaniel. Another solid invocation, another smooth dialogue, and another step closer. Nathaniel has that sort of penetrating presence, subtle, but it surrounds and seeps through the gaps. I felt like his personality was something like my own too.

Day 22, Raguel. Another successful invocation, nothing really new compared to the previous ones as far as what happened during the invocation. The manifestation remains to be seen, but that is normal, these changes are subtle and profound.

Day 23, Raphael. Another smooth invocation, another step closer to finishing this operation. Not much to say about this one, a bit less formal than the others because Raphael and I have worked together in the past, but basically the same as all the previous ones.

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So it’s odd, but today I feel a lot more energetic and, although not the technical term, hype. I don’t have a reason to feel hyped, but I do, and it might be related to last night’s invocation.

And I just asked, Raphael confirmed part of yesterday’s invocation did make me feel like this. It’s actually kinda awesome.


Day 24, Samael. Today’s invocation was particularly potent, it hit like a truck in my chest when I had the main step of the whole exchange, the part that transforms me. But overall it was a smooth invocation, just a bit different feeling.

Day 25, Sandalphon. It went well, although he did decide to try and test me by denying my will to see if I’d step up as expected. He bowed to my will after a firm command and accepted what I wanted of the invocation. I’m actually kinda glad that they didn’t all go perfectly smoothly, makes it feel less like just going through the motions.

Day 26, Savaviel. Everything went smoothly, the manifestation of my transformation as a result of the invocation feels strong. Not sudden, more like a river flowing through me. Savaviel surprised me a bit when I greeted him after calling him up, he seemed a lot more ready for the outcome than most of the invoked angels I’ve already done.

I’ve been half-trancing out for short periods all day, and I’ve noticed some shit that I should have noticed days ago…

Day 27, Tzadkiel. Another day, another invocation. It was a bit fuzzy today due to the tendonitis that set in over the course of the last few days really getting painful, but it still went well enough. I wasn’t as focused as I would have liked. Tzadkiel seemed to be a good sport about the whole thing though.

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Awsome…im going to resurch it.ive been doing pathworking I’ve worked on tha path between yesod and malkuth…i use the tarot.but I could not find a good audio file ant were to do it justice
I’m verry interesting in your system

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My system is basically non-kabbalistic hermeticism. As far as this pathworking though, it’s a bit interesting because it does two things, brings me to be more in-line with who I am at my highest self, and cement my authority.

I’m so interested…its a shamanic type of working?! I live the idea I’m going to read your tread.