Applying Magic Methods, techniques, ideas

In Message for 1 by Behmoth-X, something struck me, and the same as VK Jehannum mentioned on a prodigy who didn’t know how to cleanse his temple …
How is every area of magic applied?

a) practically and
b) mystically :thinking:

There’s a thousand books that explain this and are still just the top of the iceberg.

Can you narrow the question down a bit to something more forum sized? What are you looking for?

Btw I tried to look up the lyrics for that song and they don’t come up. I got hotel california instead. Can you share them here?

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Lets start with prepatory immersion. Tools, circle and altar, how do we apply them to our magic?
Candles and incense, sigils - same question.

This is just the physical. Of all the topics Ive created, or replies, its evident I don’t know how to apply everything so it all works. Going beyond the information.

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Let me say something, this is why I don’t recommend newbies go out and buy a bunch of junk, sorry, ritual tools and shit. (well, we know they have shit)

Basically, if you don’t know how it works, if you don’t even know if it can work, don’t just throw money around on stuff. I think this goes back to the totally decked out churches, big places of worship, fancy tools, groups etc, and then finding it “empty”, and by that I mean going through the motions and non-working ritual.

The first thing we need to do is pay attention to emotions. Now, a lot of people don’t do this. They just show up for ritual (like in a church or something) to like “have a community” well, a community of what? What is the point of the ritual in the first place? So basically, you need to pay attention to how you are feeling and be honest with yourself. Now this can be hard to do, because people around you might not like the way you are feeling, so people go out of their way to hide that and put up an act. If you truly want to work magick, and especially with demons, this is the thing you are going to have to give up.

There is no right or wrong answer on this, you don’t have to get the same answers as me, in fact if you are doing it right, you won’t get the same answers as me. This isn’t a test where there is an answer key with one right answer.

The second piece is the symbolism. This is the part where chaos mages get it wrong. If they think that any symbol can simply mean anything else and intent is all that matter, it doesn’t actually work that way. This is where a magical journal can help you, in keeping track of what actually happens.
Sometimes it helps to just write out symbols and their common associations as well as any personal associations that you have with a certain symbol. The symbolism can be found in the tools, in the sigils, offerings etc.


Ah, not a song. I thought that was a band. :joy:

This is not physical, this is mental and emotional. You are aligning your energy and calling in more energy that is like what you want to do. In this case, connect with a very specific spirit. Like attracts like. < that bit’s the magick.

Optional, physical symbols to help you focus your mind. Can also act like batteries for energy and conduits for energy. Also not just physical. Nothing in magick is only physical, or it’s just you dancing in the dark on your own and nobody cares.
Apply them as appropriate to the working, and what you want the thing to help you do.

Like, the circle can put a spotlight on you, or be a ward to keep things out. It’s your magick do what you want.

Candles and incense

These are tools, usually used as portals or manifestation base or offerings. Again, there are entire books and posts about the many ways you can use these things, too much to summarise easily and you’ve been here for years, you’ve read them all… but in the end, you make the magick, it’s your invention, you don’t have to use any of them.

Apply to your mind. Use like a phone number to call the entity that other people are telling you you can access through this symbol. Might as well trust them and see what happens. Later, get your own sigil.

I feel like you’re asking, how to I apply clay? … clay is for making things, what do you want to make? I’m going to say “how about some nice roof tiles” and you’re just going to stare at me like I’m taking the piss. :slight_smile:

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Take Behemoth-X for example.
Why all the candles? They vary in number per ritual. Why might this be?
Why the multiple braziers for incense? Quit the goddamn keylogger already.
Whats with the huge brazier of fire, and the hand movements with sigils, etc.

Or, how do I take a basic level of astrology to doing planetary and astrological magic

Im not sure, that video keeps playng in my head.

I think you are massively overthinking things as you are wont to do.

Absolutely none of that matters. Whether you have multiple candles or just one has no bearing whatsoever on the success or failure of a ritual. Same with the number of braziers.


I think he probably does what feels right to him and helps get his mind in the right place.

Kinda like a planned romantic night to get someone in the mood. Why a dozen red roses and not 24. Why candles? Champagne and not wine?

Its just going with what you like and what you think your partner will like/enjoy. Going on a gut feeling and running with it. Its basically the same principal with spirits.

At least that’s how perceive it.


I think it comes down to an investiture of energy (spiritual, emotional, physical).

He has the means to go all out and so his practice will naturally look different from someone else’s.

It’s just as much personal expression as it is anything else.


I like some ritual music, quit using enns almost entirely (only to attune to a specific energy at a specific time, outside of ritual mainly), and largely disregard the laundry lists of “this entity likes that X”.

They’re all just nice-to-haves. Could be considered a sort of crutch if relied on too much.

You need to find the magic inside. Maybe fake it until you make it. If so, use cheap or no materials.


Thinking about this a bit, my question is best put this way …
Why do we do the visualization and breathing exercises?
What are we doing in ritual exactly, and in particular, why?
Why all the props? How do we prove they’re doing what they’re to do?

Energy. Why we dance, move clockwise or counterclockwise, why we make certain hand or arm gestures or do yoga moves. Why we visualize with breath pulling in energy, and pushing the energy out. Channelling that energy into a container for the energy, say a candle. This candle is now consecrated and ready for use. Color and sound, why we make certain noises or say mantras, what the mantras do, what the enns mean, etc.

A blurb from meditation over these past two days.

Mantras possibly have specific vibrations. Then, according to magical and spiritual theories:
Visualization creates astral structures and trains the astral sight;
Breathing causes physiological effects but, also, the practicioner must try to breathe the “prana” instead of simple air (a start may consist in imagining to breathe light) and, further, Papus (Gerard Encausse) once wrote something similar: somewhat along the lines of absorbing a force through breathing then spiritualizing it with prayer etc.

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