Apollo messing with people

Hi all! This happened a few months back - I should’ve asked then, but I completely forgot since… I had an experience after doing 2-3 rituals a day and I was completely drained after that, so I laid down to sleep.

That’s when in my mind’s eye there was the gas mask kid from Doctor Who randomly appearing and disappearing all around the room. I have an irrational fear of that feckin creature so I was terrified af, so I did what I thought would be the best in this scenario - did LBRP and V.K. Jehannum’s ritual for “When spirits are fucking with you”, but nothing happened, the kid continued to spook the shit out of me. I thought it was a parasite or a thoughtform, so I didn’t understand why nothing was working…

I started to loose my shit and started begging Naamah and Chernobog to protect me and they appeared all right, but they just started standing in front of the kid, looking at him, not doing anything… this went on for about 10-15 minutes, and I don’t remember clearly if it was me or Chernobog, but someone said “Haven’t you had enough?”

Then the kid turned into an adult, muscular dude, with shoulder-lenght blonde hair. I did the body-double hanging trick to identify him and the name Apollo echoed loudly in my head. He turned around and looked back at me with a trickster grin “I’ll be back someday” and disappeared… After that both Naamah and Chernobog disappeared too, and I could finally calm myself enough to sleep.

Does anyone have some similar story about him? Is it a regular thing with Apollo?

PS. Please don’t post images or gifs of that thing or ask “Are you my mommy?”


The only person that I remember that was working with Apollo leave the forum… Maybe your question will never had a propper answer :\

Oh well, thanks anyways!

I work with is sister and Thai actually could be something he does. He took over my spirit board trying to act like my spirit husband but spelled his name wrong. I have also had him do something I was requesting to write a fictional story about. This was a little extreme for him and it really seems like a Loki thing, but I think Apollo could be like that. Why play on you fear though. That’s what got me going :thinking:


Yeah, I didn’t understand the whole thing, why he was doing it… I didn’t even think about him as a trickster :sweat_smile: I didn’t look into him, maybe this was his way of trying to have me work with him or something - if it was then he didn’t win me over.

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I would be the same way. :joy: one free trip to the bottom of my list for you Apollo!!

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No he never acted like this with me so I wouldn’t say it’s a normal thing with him.

Huh, interesting… idk why he did that and I’m still kinda pissed at him to ask :sweat_smile: for the PS. just search on youtube for doctor who gas mask, it’s creepy af (if you’re into horror, you’ll probably say I’m a lightweight)

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Isn’t this like a tv show?

I am into horror :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Yeah, a british low-budget scifi show :smile: I can’t really handle horror, that’s why I’m closing my third eye most of the time…

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Have you considered that its Apollo messing with you in order to have you overcome and face your fears. Consider that Apollo, as a Jungian archetype, represents intellect over emotion, maybe he’s saying use intellect over a fear of a character from television when you’re okay with working with a deity like Chernobog who is literally in the slavic language the dark god.

Apollo is also a god of healing and medicine, possibly, its a method of healing yourself from an irrational fear, by embodying him in the sense of his stature and fearlessness.

Just a thought.


To be honest yes, I thought about it as him trying to help me, but it was a really fucked up way to go about it… I may call on him someday, but right now I have other goals.

Just keep it in mind, maybe not so much as a calling on him, but if he appears as such instead of calling upon protection use intellect and reason to take away the power of fear, it would be just believing in and using your own power of yourself, approaching your fear face on without a doubt that it has no hold on you. Maybe it be a test along the way in your current workings, to fully manifest (cough hour of the sun in planetary magick is a prime hour for manifestation) what you’re currently doing


I did some reading on him and found this:

He causes hidden aspects of the self to manifest on the surface and he is depicted as an honorable and immortal warrior who begets psychological and occult evolution. The integration of his energies will beget either knowledge of wyrd (the Will) and insight, or madness and death.

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I did what E.A. Koetting said in one of his videos on how to turn fear into power and since I’m not really affected - I was looking at the scary parts (for me) from that TV show and visualized my fear turning into a fiery vortex around me. When I randomly see this made-up character a weak fear comes up, but it’s nothing like it was before where I was paralyzed with fear.

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Exactly! Same principal, different way of stating what to do! I’m glad that the visualization method worked to lessen the power of fear.

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I still have to work on it though, but it’s not something that comes up frequently, so I’m not actively working on dissolving this fear.

Right. But, in a way just stating it is “actively” addressing it and working on it, even if the issue itself is not in the foreground of life or you don’t see yourself taking physical action. I say this not in a magickal sense but at a more psychological view point.

Ex, 6 or 7 years back I was going through severe depression. heavy doubt with my identity as a person and lots of self destructive behavior. The goal was to ultimately be in control of my life without doing these manic downward spirals. I knew I had tendencies of heavy drinking and drug use. In doing what would ultimately put me first and in more control of my reality and my betterment, subsequently I had no more interest or desire for my previous dependencies. I never actively sought to stop those vices, but through the greater self work I had ultimately rendered that aspect powerless. Honestly I hadn’t even come to that realization until after all was said and done. Its kind of amazing what we can do even at a subconscious level.


Yeah I noticed some similar things - I tend to have a high sex drive which can hinder my daily life, but when I’m working with my Higher Self arousal won’t even come up on that day… Sometimes taking active steps can cause the opposite, like how people who want to quit smoking by using their willpower fall back into smoking. (The Allen Carr method worked for me without any willpower)
I think there are a lot of great tools in both magick and psychology that you can use in your daily life - for me the greatest thing helping in quitting smoking was “perspective shifting” or “belief shifting”, I think it’s used in chaos magick, but it works for all kinds of things where you can switch between opposing viewpoints or beliefs without causing cognitive dissonance. It also helps with being more of an empath to put myself in the shoes of the person I’m connecting with.

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Apollo can be quite playfull sometimes he likes to play jokes and shock people lol. He’s also a god of divination and oracles. So he could be leading you in that direction too.