Aphantasia fix?

Aphantasia. I am a beginner with magic and the occult. with that I discovered that I do not have an inner vision = Aphantasia. I have success with evoking spirits. i feel their presence and i get success with the rituals i do. with i barely get a visual response sometimes i can see faint shadow of something.
but does anyone have the same problem and if you solved it and how?

There’s no fix as far as I know, but this gets discussed here sometimes and there are many mages that just do without it. Lots of magick doesn’t need clairvoyance.

We’re just having a conversation about this here actually:

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Posted this just yesterday:


But also it’s important to note that not being able imagine visually doesn’t mean you won’t ever see spirits or other odd visual stimulation.

It means you won’t stimulate it yourself though.

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I’ve also noted on several occasions while doing path workings that despite not being able to see anything, I can often discern details that get added by the related entity without being able to see them.

Like with Tempest’s Raziel’s book of power or whatever it is? I worked through the entire book always starting with Raziel and by the time I was done, I noted more in-depth textures in the cave, including cave murals and the like.

It was strange to not be able to see it, but it was definitely there and I could sense it through other means. Like I might be able to feel or sense the shape and texture, or smell something related etc.

It was definitely a claircogniant type thing at times too with no way to discern where the information came from, other than just knowing.


I don’t have Aphantasia and this also happens to me. I’m not overly visual anyway.

Just this week there was an example, I became aware of a presence close behind me, studying me that was only sensible through ambiance and only in a half awake state where I was looking for it having glimpsed it briefly. It didn’t want me to know it was there, it just wanted to look at me and slipped away at the first opportunity. I tried o get a visual impression, I tried to talk to it, I tried to get it to come out from behind me and face me, nada. If I was reliant on visuals I’d have had very little to go on.

Like you said @Sebnok, you can get the presence: every entity including humans have a unique energy signature that you can recognise them by, and this is not visual. Appearances can be misleading.