Anyone work with the Demon Mammon?

I would like to know if anyone worked with the Demon Mammon and if so…What was your experience? Was it beneficial? or was it a negative?

Everything what is achieved through Mammon is excellent even if at the beginning it seems rough. He is an active God of Wealth and he is very serious about getting stuff done for the witch/sorceror who has the strength to work with him


Mammon…I remember I got him angered when I called him.
Someone told me he eat parasites or those lower beings…so I called him and said that. He was highly pissed, “I’m not a eater! I don’t do that.”

I said it’s what I heard about him, he said: There are many rumours I’ve heard about me in human world.

I calmed him, he smiled in the end and we were good.

He’s cool, totally.

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@Rav I totally agree with you! Eventually, all would be well with Mammon. Just have to stay your course with determination and great understanding.

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There’s this priestess called Akelta…she has a blog called ‘Satan and Suns’…her patron is Mammon and she has worked a lot with him so you can find out more from her site.


I think linking to out site is allowed @DarkestKnight . So you can drop link to the blog.

Linking to other sites is allowed only if the site is an information blog and doesn’t have a store where they sell magical services.

Unfortunately, Satan and Suns does have a store linked right on the top of the landing page so they cannot be linked here…

Okay… Roger that!

@BelovedBel Thank You I have heard Satan and Suns and viewed there Demon Encyclopedia and it is very informative. I do have experience working with other Demons and I always got excellent results. But for Mammon I am still learning and getting to know him. I will also and checkout Akelta’s blog.

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