Anyone with a relation to Dantalion?

I don’t know if this is a normal thing but I did see one thread like this where the OP got help so it’s worth a try.

I’m a newbie who has been trying to evoke Dantalion. I’ve made an offer for things I need that he can help with and made an offer in return if he helps. Progress has been slow to say the least (but not non-existant so there’s that). I think there’s a presence there but since I’m so new I don’t know at all if that’s what’s really there. Would anyone be willing to ask him if he hears me? Like I said - I don’t know if that’s normal procedure but I did see at least one thread here like that and if anyone who has an established relationship with him can do that I would greatly appreciate it. If he says anything specific that sounds like it should be private, my inbox is open.

Dantalion hears you, but you can’t hear her.

Return to basics and build up your astral senses to perceive her.

Check this post out, i explained what to do there.

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This is the best thread about Dantalion: Dantalion tips (and everything that you need to know about him) I have seen him as a shadow in flame only sometimes, but my rituals had effect. So, the most probably the Duke Dantalion hear you.

So then I guess I just don’t really know if he’s accepting my side of the offer or not.

But either way no practice tonight. Not only is the medicine fucking with my head too much but I can’t go more than a minute or two without coughing which will break my concentration anyway

I’ve read that thread and a couple others about him. That’s not really the issue. The issue is I don’t know if my offering is accepted and I’d rather not wait until the deadline for it to know

Thank you for the link though

Do you feel it was accepted? Emotions are one the best way of ‘knowing’ or not.

You’ll know Dantalion accepted your offer when you get a lot of impressions. She floods your mind with information.

When i conjured her 10 years ago, she gave me info for a week solid and it took a year for me to unpack it all. I made a site at the time, but the information has been taken down since then.

Through my site i met my current hypnosis teacher, Dantalion Jones, who also conjured Dantalion to learn mental influence. Dantalion then created many NLP and hypnosis products in her honor.

From my understanding of Dantalion’s work, i now realize that hypnosis to communicate with others through the superconscious is her specialty. This is why you see many faces when you conjure her.

She hears you but you have to develop your trancework.

Read the link i gave you on breathing and skrying the dark mirror. That will train your trancework in about a month. When you’re properly trained, conjure Dantalion in the mirror. Put 2 candles on either side of the mirror and stare into it in the dark.

You’ll see her IN the mirror and you’ll be able to speak to her directly in the mirror, using your astral sight. Then you’ll know she was listening all along, and you just had to learn how to perceive her.