Anyone used Daemons of High Magick?

I’m reading this book Daemons of High Magick by David thompson.

There is a ritual in there where he says to give blood to lucifer.

I personally don’t want to give anything from my body as an offering.

Is there any alternatives?

Depends what the blood is for… Normally substitutions for offerings can be made and you can use things like red wine. Enchant the red wine with your intent that it becomes blood, or just use wine as is. Lots of people use wine as an offering generally and it works fine.

Some of us (like me) don’t feel offerings are necessary or helpful, and can add a transaction feel best avoided. We make offerings in thanks after results that are meant from the heart, not as “payment”, as Lucifer is not a merchant.

But blood is the one thing that does have it’s own energy and magick in it, and is hard to substitute and get the same energetic effect, unless maybe if you’re very experienced in enchanting :thinking: So if the use is directly magickal, then use the blood or skip the spell and do something else until you understand how that part of the working is put together. When you get the rules you can bend the rules, sort of thing

So I’d say, try it, and find out.

There are alternatives to things you can offer, yes. But blood itself doesn’t have one because of what it is and represents. It’s a link to you, it carries your essence with it. No food or drink or statue you can offer has anything equivalent to your blood.

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