Anyone used "An Excellent Booke of the Arte of Magicke"?

Thoughts? From the interviews you can invoke Azazel. Get dead magickians like solomon to help you with magick.

Apparently Humphrey Gilbert and John Davis were threatening the spirits and st luke turned up and said you’re taking the lords name in vain. Tell me what you want and I will get the spirit to do what you want.

So don’t need to threaten nor worship.

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Thank you for the tip.

100% You don’t need a “middle man” at all. Not even a dead, sainted one.

Introductions by entities to new entities you never heard of before are always nice though, as are recommendations.

There are people with the opposite view. Dr Stephen Skinner if I recall right, also on the Glitch Bottle explains why he only uses strict Solomonic methods. If you ask me I think he’s bound himself into that corner out of a lifetime of habit, but it’s an interesting interview for sure. Glitch Bottle is an amazing podcast though, so, of course. :slight_smile:

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