Anyone tried the (Shiva) God Helmet for theta state

Apparently this helmet can get people into the theta state. Wonder if anyone have tried.

But I have also seen reports that a fake god helmet was used and it was placebo


Wasn’t that a thing with the Shoko Asaha cult?

Don’t think it’s effective unless it’s like psionics and basically a tool for the magician’s focus.


I haven’t, but I have experimented with CES (Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation) devices to aid with getting into the TGS state and they are fairly effective, not to mention cheaper than TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) devices like the God Helmet. At some point it’d be cool to build one though.

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I recall seeing a meditation/deep brain wave state induction machine that looked like VR googles being peddled by Deepak Chopra on public tv in the US a few times.

This says there was a decrease in theta

This pilot study indicates that CES at 0.5 Hz entrains delta and gamma frequencies during active stimulation. After a single 20-minute treatment with CES there is a significant increase in alpha frequency activity and a significant decrease in delta and theta activity. The post treatment maps indicate the effect of single session cranial electrotherapy treatment on QEEG is congruent with the reports of the research volunteers of decreased anxiety and increased relaxation.

That study used a machine set at 0.5 Hz. Theta frequencies are between 4-7 Hz, so it’s no surprise they saw theta activity decrease. I primarily use the Brain Tuner 7, which has three frequency settings (0.5 Hz, 7.83 Hz, and 111 Hz), and I’ve noticed easier and faster transitions into TGS when set at 7.83 Hz.

I just spent three weeks learning how to enter the TGS, and now I can, much cheaper than all of the above.

I can do it just fine on my own too, but I also like experimenting with technology and magick :smiley:.

In my opinion, CES could be useful for someone who’s having trouble getting into the TGS, or even who just wants help deepening the experience. I view it the same way I do binaural beats, guided meditation audiotapes, shamanic drum tracks, photosonic stimulators, or entheogenic substances… you certainly don’t need them to enter these states or to successfully perform magick, but they can make things easier and they can allow someone who hasn’t spent weeks, months or years on a consistent meditative practice to almost effortlessly experience the desired altered states of consciousness. Once you have an idea of what the target state feels like, it becomes a lot easier to get there on your own, too.

For anyone interested in this avenue of exploration, I’d highly recommend Zoe7’s book Into the Void and the sequel Back from the Void, which detail the combination of brainwave synchronizers in tandem with entheogenic substances to achieve out of body experiences, remote viewing, astral projection, and more.

From his book:

One of these days I want to get the Mind Mirror EEG device, which is apparently capable of real-time analysis of fourteen frequency bands in each hemisphere simultaneously. Recording brainwave activity during an evocation would be :ok_hand:.

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How did you do it cause I have been trying for months and yet to get into it

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Lots of practice it was the only thing I did. You look for the line created between a wall and the ceiling, stare past it, and wait for cool snow/dust/sand to fill your vision.

Now, it takes me all of three seconds, but it was difficult originally.

What do you mean stare past it?

You not staring at the crease, your staring at an imaginary point past the crease.

I thought you were supposed to stare at the crease and then pull your vision back.

Easier said than done though.

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I find it easier to relax my eyes, so instead of pulling back, I pull my vision forward. It’s until my eyes are at the ultimate relaxation, I’m not focused on anything, but I am seeing the crease, but my focal point is beyond it.

I just did it now to make sure that I was explaining it properly and I entered the sync. You should try practicing. Because, as I said, I spent three weeks doing only this.

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That works for some people, or you can move your focal point past the crease. IMO stick with whichever is more comfortable for your eyesight because relaxation is a must. For me (maybe because I’m farsighted) I find it much easier to imagine that the crease is transparent and I’m looking through it. Doing it with the focal point closer to me just makes me go cross-eyed and unable to properly get into trance.

Ok lets say you stare at the crease. It goes between blurring out to normal vision.

Are you supposed to blur it out if that makes sense?

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Yes, let it go blurry. Also a simple relaxation/self-hypnosis ritual like imagining a warm glowing sun descending through your body and pulling out stress & tension wherever it goes can really help before trying to enter the TGS.

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the problem I have is when it goes blurry if i move my eyes the tiniest bit then my vision will go back to normal.

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Do you ever have those moments where you just kinda zone out while staring off into space? That’s similar to what you’re going for here. Don’t try to force it, just let it happen. Imagine that the walls are transparent and that you’re staring through it into the distance. Let it pull your eyes through the crease while everything else around you fades into the periphery.

IMO if you’re constantly snapping back to reality when your eyes move I suspect you’re not absorbed enough in the trance state, or in other words you’re simply not relaxed enough. I think a lot of us tend to overestimate how relaxed we are when there’s still a lot of pent-up stress and tension left in our body/mind, particularly in the face and eye muscles. Look into self-hypnosis–it really helped me understand how to deepen the TGS state.


Yes, as you put your focal point beyond with wherever your relaxed eyes decide, then everything in the foreground (like the crease) will blur.