Anyone seen a genuine shapeshift?

Have any of you seen a genuine physical shapeshift and can you tell us all how it came to be that they shifted?

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I have, there were times when I thought I saw my occult teacher do it, but maybe I was just seeing his energy body really clearly, I don’t know. But there was a time when I can say for sure it happened to a physical object. When I was near the abyss state I caused the sheets in the room I was doing the ritual to perminantly change color.

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Thanks for sharing Defectron!

What do you mean by “the abyss state”? and how do you get there?

Well the abyss is something that from what I understand exists several planes above this and the astral. When crossing this plane your identity gets annihalated , in otherwords it is a sort of death. I was brought near it during a shamanic circle. I have not been able to actually get there yet. But my occult teacher has been there and was able to describe his experience to me.

Is his ego dead?

It died temporarily, if you do it right you can come back and even make some interesting things happen. In his case when he came back his kundilini was fully awakened for awhile.

What kind of power does a magician hope to gain by entering the abyss and returning?

Imagine a TOTAL sense of perspective? In which your (everyone’s) dreams, hopes, insecurities, loves, hates… all that put into perspective.

I can’t do it justice but imagine for a moment being every extreme of everything, so you’ve had it all fulfilled, and then seeing it all as noise, as options, as choices and almost, games… roles to play.


I’ve seen it- and was lucky I was in a car. I was in my mother’s car, driving through a woods at sunset. Weird, eh? Anyways, I saw a man in the forest, kneeling and in his hand, an object. My mom didn’t notice, but I did.

I blinked, and had to turn away because I felt a sadness overcome me.

When I looked back, a wolf was in his place. Then we passed through the woods.

It still haunts me.

During my first abduction experience as a young adolescent.

I remember seeing something like that. It was in a space ship right after something showed up in my room, paralyzed me, and made me pass out. I had been taken from my room and when I became conscious, I should have been suspicious that a close friend I trusted was already there to comfort me on a space ship (I was young and confused). The person looked, a bit off. Sometimes I looked at this person, and I felt like something was off about small details of their appearance (hair style, expressions, etc). Their mannerisms were a bit more friendly, but their image seemed like it might at time to time get blurry very briefly when there were emotional transitions in the conversation It was almost like there were 2 or 3 SIMILAR images forming a composite until 1 won out. This happened very briefly, like during pauses between questions or conversation. I wasn’t too happy about being there, but I was happy to see this person. All the other people aboard looked like zombies stuck looking at computer displays, being fed information like drones, I was the only person talking to my friend and able to consciously observe everything on the ship around me. This friend eventually invited me to do something else, and as we got into the interaction, eventually they lost control of the illusion making a very happy moment with my friend incredibly traumatic. I remember looking upon this pale creature, with grey hairless skin that I can only relate to the rubbery feeling of a dolphin’s skin…I remember becoming aware of just what it was. It was a hybrid alien human, unlike the others of it’s kind it had long perfectly straight flowing hair on it’s head and a few human features like a pointed nose…But it was definitely an alien. At the time, I was very young and I didn’t know about shape shifting. I didn’t really understand what was happening and was really confused. After that I guess it was so traumatic I lost consciousness or memory of what happened any further on in the ship, but I woke up in my bed with a tremendously strange feeling the next day.

The only 2 understandings I have on how this occur now involve 1, quantum mechanics, 2 a type of telepathy where you can powerfully project illusory images into people’s minds. I am not entirely sure about this incident, however, I am leaning toward the second one, since it felt like something was sorting through my mind of various images of my friend, which is why the shape shifting wasn’t more realistic and why it didn’t interfere with our tactile contact during the interaction.

Got tricked by something pretending to be my friend…Feels pretty bad man.

#fucked up childhood memories
#don’t trust aliens
#feels bad man

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

Hey Frater A., did you ever want to track that thing down?

I’d be up for alien hunting! It’d be interesting, seeing what it’s energy tastes like. Besides, why would you let it get the best of you? Rip it to shreds, and then feed it to the pit fiends!

I’d be willing to assist you in the search.

[quote=“Sevarn304, post:12, topic:2384”]Hey Frater A., did you ever want to track that thing down?

I’d be up for alien hunting! It’d be interesting, seeing what it’s energy tastes like. Besides, why would you let it get the best of you? Rip it to shreds, and then feed it to the pit fiends!

I’d be willing to assist you in the search.[/quote]

Well since it looks like your just itching to have a go at something I have an offer for you. A little birdie tells me I’ve got a shit ton of entities who are looking to start some shit with me, the vast majority of them are too weak to put a dent in my defenses and are therefore unworthy of my attention.

My proposal is if you are interested, maybe you’d like to have a go at some of the weaker guys? Stay away from the strong ones though because
1-unless your something else theyed kick your butt and 2-their mine. So let me know what you want to do about that. If an enemy entity can’t even make me notice it, to me it may as well not exist. But if you want to hunt them it might make life a bit easier for my legions as I’m sure their always busy cleaning up the riffraff that tries to come over here.

Well, I’m pretty much on my own. I don’t have legions of spirits at my command, just a dragon that will sometimes nudge me in the direction he deems necessary. I’ve gotten the impression he’s got some work to do as well, so it’s just little old me here.

So yes. Send something, ANYTHING my way. I’m hungry.

Reading this I think about how when my cat had too many kittens to look after (six, and she kept neglecting two) we made like a furry thing out of sheepskin and faked a teat to feed them milk with, and did a lot of things to kind of mimic MotherCat-ness for the little sweeties.

They all lived to great old ages and stuff, but then, one time we found a herring gull that had fallen out of its nest just before being able to fly, and we fed it and looked after it and made a fake seagull to try and keep it company, and the first thing it did was peck like crazy at the eyes of the fake gull, because it must somehow have recognised it as wrong and weird, or just competition.

My point is what someone of a different kind of intellect thinks is comforting and soothing, could actually be fucking weird to the recipient. (You probably got that right away… call me Mrs Obvious lol!)

My thing? The spacetime perception that allows for the underlying “consciousness” to manifest multiple “focal points” which perceive themselves as individuals and stuff, so kind of holographic, and also kind of more flow-y… but I get way too Star Trek on this topic, so I’ll shut up now! :wink:

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I’ve seen it- and was lucky I was in a car. I was in my mother’s car, driving through a woods at sunset. Weird, eh? Anyways, I saw a man in the forest, kneeling and in his hand, an object. My mom didn’t notice, but I did.

I blinked, and had to turn away because I felt a sadness overcome me.

When I looked back, a wolf was in his place. Then we passed through the woods.

It still haunts me.[/quote]

[quote author=Omnipresent link=topic=2441.msg30493#msg30493 date=1390127771]
Have any of you seen a genuine physical shapeshift
I live in South Afrca and some sangomas (witch doctor) here are powerfull i knew this dude that lived in the township and had a braai one night. a bird kept fling above them and sudenly a naked woman droped from the sky on the ground (dead). when they looked at her face he saw it was the sangoma that lived 2 houses from him

Yeah i saw a small bump in my trousers turn into a mountain.

Weewoo, keep those childish comments for yourself. Either you participate in a mature conversation or you don’t! First warning!

As far as I know, shapeshifting works in up to three levels of increasing difficulty and power, mostly based on changing the perception of the persons witnessing the change as it is (bear with me) a glamor up to some point. I explain:

DISCLAIMER: Please bear in mind that this theorem is based on deductions around practices of casting glamors or changing the shape of your astral body. I have never attained any result of physical shapeshifting, and personally consider it possible but so difficult that makes it outright bonkers.

-First level: Basically done by assuming godforms/intense visualization. People around you feel or react according to the shape you might have assumed.

That would explain why mythological werecreatures have shapes that somewhat match to the surrounding were people witness them, explaining (theoretically) why in South America you might have never heard about a werewolf, but yes about mayan/aztec priests shifting into jaguars; because the shape was assumed by what the psyche considered terrifying at the moment.

The usual reactions are low in intensity but better described as feelings of eeriness, insecurity, fear and suspicion. At times someone might catch a glimpse of the practitioner being in the shape of something else, but those are rare, depending on the state of the observer (drunk, entranced, etc…).

-Second level: No actual physical change happens but the operator is in such state of entranced agitation that closest observers actually perceive him/her in the chosen shape. Thing is, while no change of shape occurs, actual gains of physical might are attained.

It bears similarity to what feats fakirs and such produce, albeit with the added effect of alterating perception too.

This, at least on my behalf, was achieved accidentally by an intense bout of rage. Long story short, I run across a former high-school bully, gave him the beating of his life, and both parties involved mentioned “not seeing my legs” and that for a moment my face “was not my own”.

They assured me that for a moment, as I walked towards this person, my legs vanished from sight, and that when I turned around towards my friends (who were calling out to me to stop), they said that a strange feeling of dread overcame them, and that while I still had my face, they were suddenly “blocked” by this eeriness that would not let them recognize me.

My theory is that since emotion is partially a basis of magick, I might have caused visible phenomena at that moment of angered “rapture”. I will describe my sensations of that moment as a reference of what degree of emotion/agitation I am talking.

This happens, most of the time, when I have defended myself: vision becomes blurry and tunneled (usually left eye vision becomes absent), my hearing becomes distorted, I am unable to speak, drool profusely, shake, and judgement is impaired to the point that I feel constantly cold, as moving through a dense enviroment like a puddle of muddy water.

Sometimes I have repeatedly hit a person “conviced” that moment that I might have missed my attack or I might have not delivered it with enough strength, all because my punches felt like I was caressing a pillow. At times I might have babbled in a strange language. Friends reported giggling and whistling sounds.

Usually two hours after these situations I have felt incredibly happy, talkative, and energetic, after which I would drift into sleep and feel very exhausted through the rest of the day and unable to do simple tasks like carry a bottle of water.

And on one occasion, where there was no exchange of blows but just a few words with a person I hated, I felt my back muscles snap and I convulsed for a second, but with such intensity that I thought someone had crashed into me (marketplace, bound to have running children/idiots around). When I got up, well, there was nobody around and I know for sure because my wallet was still in my pocket!

-Third level: On this I have mere speculation, and just because something has not yet been attained publicly does not mean it is impossible. Heck, few centuries ago everyone claimed that a man cannot fly, and look where we are now with planes and such!

What makes me think it is possible? As someone said before on this thread, quantum physics, where theory and some obscure scientific practice claims to have discovered that matter is not in a fixed state but in a “stable” process of ever changing possibility. I suppose it stems from the fact that matter is actually particles held together by magnetic equilibrium and that said consistency is/can be altered by means I am nowhere near qualified to explain.

What makes me think it is outright difficult, or detrimental to try to cause that immediate change in the physical plane? Besides the theoretical risks of failure (read “oh my god I turned myself into a sock”),
the exchange process would surely turn a part of the werecreature/shapeshifter’s mass into energy (which would dissipated in heat). In what ratio this exchange happens I cannot tell (obviously!) but then, the Law of Conservation of Matter comes into play.

It states that whatever “all transfers of matter and energy (both of which have mass), the mass of the system must remain constant over time”. Meaning that you would not be able to change beyond the limits of your own body, that you could not add “matter” into you to make yourself bigger, or deduct it to make yourself smaller.

But of course, while those laws apply in physics (and the last one seems to only hold in chemistry), is not magick the Art of producing Change? Is it not matter indistinguishable from energy in the magician’s mind? We know the answer to those questions, even if they produce another one which is “how”.

I say it would take a great buildup of energy and trances, as usual with all spells and techniques. My only guess is that sigils should be involved, but as for now I don’t wish to try it… I don’t want to be a sock D: