Anyone know of any entities i can work with to speed up my baneful working

I Have been doing workings to get rid of someone for a while now and I am not sure how to revisit this spell and get some other entity to assist with a quicker solution hitting ONLY the target and not the rest of the household what are some perfect spells, and rituals, I can do to make this happen fast and without any more delay…and I wonder if Radionics can also be used in the process… Hail to all who read and respond

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Sounds a bit close to lust for results, which can be a killer for magick, because it’s a form of doubt.

Sometimes letting it go accelerates things from here.

Or, next time plan the ritual to be layered and extreme so that it doesn’t feel like Lust for results after the fact.


totally agree I don’t even want to ask this Q as I know the Magick process is a set-and-forget format but I had to just get this question off my chest…

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Increase momentum sigil/glyph in book angel of omnipotence by Jareth tempest can help

Great I will check that out thanks.

Sorry, we can’t share copyright materials here. It’s illegal and this forum is privately owned by a legal entity that would be open to liability for it.

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Whoops, I was in the clouds and not on the ground my bad @Mulberry Yeaaah noted.

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You can also call upon Dynamis:


Seere can double the time and speed things up call her

Great I will check this spirit out too Thanks

You Mean Price Seere? I have tried to work with him before but to no effect perhaps his in I was given is incorrect.