Anyone know how to astral project?

Anyone know how to astral project and actually go thru with it. Coz last time i was sooo closee my body was getting static and then i got excited coz i haven’t been able to do it in a while and then i flopped it.

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Been there done that :smiley: It IS pretty cool though… . Just keep going, the more you do the more you can.

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This happens to me too :smiley: on the flip side, sometimes I’ll get so relaxed I end up falling asleep before I make it past the vibrational state.

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Literally same

An exercise is more or less like that: lie down, inhale with the imagination of absorbing energy/light, and leave your body on the exhalation. Then return into your body while inhaling etc.
It seems that generally it’s better if the eyes are closed. Another key point is to start by reaching a relaxed state (basically the body must be sleeping and the mind awake), then a trance: for example by tensing and releasing muscles, breathe deeply and either focus on the breathe or imagine to climb down a ladder.


Another easy exercise:

If you usually wake up in the morning at 7am, set an alarm to wake up earlier like at 4 or 5am (wake up two or three hours earlier than usual )

when you are still drowsy, stay up for no more than an hour or 1 and half. You can watch a video on astral travel or read something about it, Imagine how cool it will be flying around, being awake in a dream. then, as you woke up earlier than usual and still in the bed, you will still be a bit tired, it will be easier for you to sleep again

After an hour or more, Close your eyes, breathe with your belly for a short time then resume your normal chest breathing, visual how you flying in astral, what feeling you will get and then stop , your subconscious knows now.

finally start sliding slowly to sleep :sleeping: ( don’t force anything, everything you will be doing is correct, don’t overthink if you you missed a step ) Just sleep peacefully but with the idea of astral behind the head. It is like the same process when you want your brain to wake you up at a certain time without using your alarm, you just sleep with that idea and the brain will do it for you. Trust your mind

When you do it, You will find yourself in a lucid dream and that is the golden gate for astral travel! In lucid dream, if you find yourself in a certain environment or certain people don’t tryna change the scenario of the dream go first with flow. If you were talking to someone, don’t try to end the conversation, just keep on and ask him some questions but now as you are aware you can ask him consciously, knowing what you are doing. If you want to change the scenario your subconscious will kick you out, THE SAME WAY he kicked you out when you were overexcited by not moving. With more practice you will be able to do whatever you want! When you over exaggerate your feelings, your subconscious think you are not ready and he must protect you

Advice 1: If you fall asleep quickly even before doing all the steps it means you were too tired, you should extend more minutes for being awake before attempting to astral travel

Advice 2: if even after doing all the steps you can’t find sleep, you feel as you are fully awake then it means you took too much time by staying up, you should reduce it


I did it twice by accident. Once at my house and the second time I popped up at an actor’s house. I don’t know why but I was always in his kitchen. I haven’t seen any photos of his house before and when he posted some I was surprised to see that everything in his kitchen was exactly what I was seeing