Anyone know any good grimoires for advanced Necromancy?

I’m looking for any grimoires, preferably ones in English so I don’t have to attempt to translate them. By “advanced Necromancy” I mean things such as reanimating the dead, binding spirits to my will, seeing the last moments before one’s death, trapping a recently deceased person’s soul, etc, etc.

Any input is much-appreciated thanks!

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Necromancy is a word with wide-ranging and somewhat disputed definitions. To some it involves communication with the dead to obtain knowledge or predictions about the future or about the location of hidden treasures; to others it implies making servants or slaves of the dead or of non-carnate demons, spirits, or other metaphysical entities.

Depending on how you personally define necromancy and what you wish to accomplish with the practice, you may find quite a bit of instruction in books at your local library especially under the keywords “necromancy,” “demonology," “grimoire,”.

A good place to start is Christian Day’s book.
The Witches Book of the dead


I’ll check it out. Thanks for the library suggestion. I had just assumed that libraries would not stock books concerned with magick. I live in an area with a ridiculously large proportion of christians, so I’m not too sure if they would have them, but I’ll check it out after this coronavirus fiasco is over.


This won’t help you find a book, but Necromancy is practiced in the oldest Christian Churches (Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and the Churches of the East). We use the relics (read: bones) of dead Saints to work miracles and wonders. Every altar must have a relic (bone) of a Saint within it to properly be a place where Mass or Divine Liturgy can take place. It comes from the when the early Christians would meet in the Roman catacombs during Persecution and they would have their services over the coffins of Martyrs.

I know of quite a few necromantic books, but advanced ones on the other hand. I’ll leave that to you to decide.
“The Witches Book of the Dead” - Christian Day
The Sabbatica series by Edgar Kerval
“Underworld” - Sepulcher Society
“Walking the Twilight Path” - Michelle Bellanger
“Honoring Death” - S. Connolly
“Necromantic Sacraments” - S. Connolly
“Keys of Ocat” - S. Connolly
“The Necromantic Ritual Book” - Leilah Wendell
“Blood Sorcery Bible” - Sorceress Cagliastro
“Charnel Whispers” - Somnus Dreadwood(A lot of mixed views on this one.)
“Gravelord” - (I can’t remember the authors name. This one is also related to the Cabal(Somnus Dreadwoods group. You probably won’t be able to find it.)
“Necromantic Sorcery” -Dante Abiel (A lot of mixed views on this one.)
“Summoning Spirits” - Konstantinos
“Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft” - Storm Faerywolf
“The Language of the Corpse” - Cody Dickerson
“Gateways of Necromancy” - Edgar Kerval

I’m probably forgetting some but there you go.

@C.Kendall Is also working on a necromantic book I believe.


I thought you don’t use rituals, but subconscious

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In my opinion, nevromantic sorcery is one of the most in depth. From what i read, you shouldn’t do exactly what is written, but change things to make it safer. Other than that it is very detailed


I do for magic, and other things, but I’m also Orthodox, so I go to Church. (Though I haven’t been lately because Bishop Ilarion postponed services in the Western eparchy until this whole Coronavirus pandemic passes), on the bright side I get to sleep in on Sundays.

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I thought you thought spirits were subconscious?

Well basil crouch forbiden knwlgwe book,has a history, howard vernon. Caselius has rituals simple. And dorna green in diana moon has a ritual to conctact dead nit really rituals but spells, you say dnt want to translate which makw wonder which books in forein language you try, i can read a few languages …also its a book by a guy who stole in 1986 a witch book which has 2 dead conctact spells, i will look my books, the ones i mention are in amazon

I believe that spirits contacted through ritual means (such as evocation) as aspects of the subconscious yes, though I do believe that some spirits do exist outside of the mind in actual reality. But the subconscious is the part of the mind connnected to the divine, to God, Yahweh, the Trinity. In ritual, we seek to seed within the subconscious the object of our desire. And once it’s in the subconscious it will be done.


Regardless of what many consider is a shit book, I for one recommend Necromantic Sorcery: The Forbidden right of Death Magick - Dante Abiel

It can be purchased from The BALG store these days. It’s an excellent book at It has many useful techniques that doesn’t require blood sacrifices, although there definently is in there too. The book isn’t for befinners though, because most of the applications assume that you are able to soul travel, divine and evoke as part of the curriculum. And not only that it leaves some parts out for you to find out for yourself, intentional gaps which must be filled with practical experiences and looking for references that’s inbwtween the lines or one person said: seeing the lines between the lines…

However what’s written is useful and is a great time just for the sake of improving your knowledge on the occult, as it has an appendix in the back at least that’s in the original.

Other than that I’d recommend S.Conolly’s book honoring death.

As well as the books from Ariagnee Arcane Services.

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@Teras390 @StewardofSophia @Etheric_Vagabond @SITHISIT

Thanks for all your responses - I’ll have a look at all of them as soon as possible!


I was just going through my books and realized that I got one of them wrong. It’s not “Gravelord” it’s Gravelording and the author is Var Von Brennos. You can easily find by just looking it up.

Very good ones are sepher Gilgamesh and sepher helheim and sepher irkalla by v.k jehannum they’re e-grimoire very strong and powerful grimoires and very intense and addictive I recommend sepher Gilgamesh first and see how you like it


Update I been reading this grimoire called Honoring death the arte of deamonolatry necromancy very powerful grimoire very enlightening and filled with A lot death energy I been reading it nah stop lately it sucks me back in everything and made me left satisfied when I finished reading a page that’s rare for me only v.k grimoire really give me that effect Ig good powerful grimoires makes Me get hooked and deeper to the underworlds and spirit worlds which we want trust me

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