Anyone in recovery? AA 12-Step Groups

I thought that talking about magic in relating to a 12-Step program would be beneficial.

Addictions are like poison. Cyanide binds to a person’s oxygen receptors faster than oxygen, thus suffocating the victim. Addictions bind to one’s magical “receptors” and can hence hinder the magical processes.

I belong to a 12 step program in my area called Pagans in Recovery. It has helped me meet with magical people of many traditions.

Does anyone here have any experiences they would like to share in regards to their magical space after recovery?


I don’t use the frmaework of “in recovery” for myself because the method I used to quit an addiction to alcohol uses a different model, but I shared my experience in this thread fwiw (linking this will also cause that thread to link over here, for anyone who might find it useful):

Magicians and addiction seem to go hand-in-hand a lot of the time, so talking about this openly seems like a very positive thing! :slight_smile:


I haven’t been addicted to anything hardcore but my two addictions have been occultism and cigarettes. I quit smoking for several months but I had a moment of weakness and got back on the tit. I feel for anyone who’s dealt with more harsh addictions.