Anyone here who has made an experience with "Universal Magick" by Corwin Hargrove?

As the Topic says, I would like to know if anyone has this book. I have the “Success Magick” by Damon Brand, and I would like to know if the approach is the different there. Thanks in advance!

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Yep. It’s more like Ben Woodcroft’s Angel Overlords than Brand’s Success Magick. Very loosely applied powers that could be the entirety of what you do, or the boost to what you do. It also calls on both demons and angels and Brand’s work only uses angels.


Thank you! So I Suppose thats more of a meh for that book? I’m working with Success Magick from Damon Brand. I was just curious, Success magick is a good book, but it’s not a quick fix as Damon Brand says. Some rituals give results, while there are no outcomes for others, I think it depends on everyones individuals journey :woman_shrugging:

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Well Brand’s work is aimed at the rest of your life and Hargrove’s is aimed at more general aspects of life- but at making a change between now and a year from now. It’s very loosely framed but you can narrow it down to any given situation and use it alone, or use it to raise the energy to boost any other work you would do.

I think it’s got a lot of potential, the few times I used the method I saw results right away, but it’s very loose as far as how you can apply it to a situation, it’s not specific like Brands rituals or a demonic grimoire, so it leaves it up to you to figure out how to best use it in your life.

Hargrove tends to do this to us though lol, and I think that’s the only real issue with it- you have to figure out which rituals you an apply to what. It’s very simple, takes a few minutes up to an hour of your time if you do his recommended spend an hour getting into the mindset before firing off an Enochian sigil.

It’s very very simple, like most of his work, so it gives you so much room that unless you just want to work from that book specifically, most of the time you will be able to name ten other workings or beings off hand for the same thing, and not even think about this book.

But it works, so if you got into the practice of adding it to your routine, it certainly has value.


Oh ok then I got it wrong! I think I just have one book of him, that being this djinn one, I never used it, as I could tell it would bring me bad luck ( i do work with demons though, but djinn are very different in my opinion). So I will think about I guess. Perhaps I’m just lazy and seeking the fastest way out lol. Thank you for your response and sharing your experience :slight_smile:

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All corwin’s books have been great. I don’t expect less from this one. It’s enochian method so something different from his other books. Just test it out for self. that’s the best way to get your answer.

Book description on amazon tells you clearly what it’s about.


I’m using the book now, and it’s been effective.

The energies are also quite intense and kinda trippy at times. A week or so back I had a false awakening (thought I woke up but was still dreaming) and felt my body being twisted around and stretched like the image on the front of the book.

I can also feel the energy of the words vibrating around me in the room during the rituals, and the spirits feel very powerful.

The Elders have also given me much wisdom.


If your worried about safety. that’s taken care of. gom books go through yrs of testing. And he says this is safe enocian magick.


wow that sounds amazing!!! I will get it while also keep working with Success Magick by Damon Brand

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I’m not worried of that! But Corwin doe not belong to the Gallery of magick?! Or am I wrong?

No he’s not GoM. He was POM up until about a year ago though.

It’s interesting and includes the cacodemons in the workings which are like earth spirits. Lots of gom books are very monotone but those 2 are cool