Anyone here got wealthy because of working with spirits?

If so were those demons angels or other gods??? Notice immediate effect as if your reality got manipulated by a spirit causing your life full of positivity and luck towards wealth?? Well it depends what you think wealth is, for example owning 50k or 100k is pretty wealthy for me… if you got really wealthy what were the names of these spirits you worked with


There are already multiple threads answering this question. It’s a pretty common one.

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I’ve found the success stories thx

Actually very common. If you look at Hinduism which is essentially pact making and worship of the deities. I myself know someone that has gone from zero to multi million dollar net worth from working with Lakshmi. There are some other posts as well, If you want to get wealthy use the occult to boost your entrepreneurial endeavours. Learn a skill and work with chosen spirits. It is much harder to have random $$$ in your bank account much easier to get the dollar bills if you have a business as a vehicle to bring it in.


I wasn’t talking about success stories, I was talking about threads with this exact question:


If it wasn’t for magick I probably wouldn’t have fallen into motion picture profit share. The gods made the way but I had to do the job and meet them half way. So no matter how you slice it 50/50 you and the gods. The gods won’t do for man what he can do for himself. So I guess you could say yes I got wealthy because of magick. But I had to be willing to do the work and take the risks.


Its difficult to discuss this due to pride sometimes. I have noticed others sometimes posting about how come no ones rich etc . My answer to your question is this, before I had started this path working with demons. I had lost my job, and was living in my car. I could not get a job for the life of me. There were jobs in other states, but I needed jobs located near the state my kids lived in. I begin humbly working with demons. Lucifer and lilith to be exact. And i went from living in my car and unable to find a job. To now I just bought a 500k house, I’m debt free minus the house and my car, and I have the highest paying job I’ve ever gotten in my life. I literally just turned down multiple jobs offering me money . One of those being 150k a year with a company vehicle and they’d even give me housing allowance. Am I a millionaire? No. But I dont live check to check anymore. I honestly dont even look in my bank account to check how much I have due to worry or concerns if I have enough, or if I’m getting too low. The demons have changed my life for the best.


Thats some amazing success! Congratulations and hail lilith and lucifer for their coming through.

I think you touched on something important with this.

I think a lot of practitioners, especially new ones, leave the humility out and instead demand or try to force their help without truly knowing or owning their own current limitations. Which I think is a foolish mistake.


Thank you. Im not trying to brag, bc it was bc of Lucifer and lilith. I’ve been seeing posts lately of some questioning the validity of whether any of this is real , or post asking about financial benefits. And I for the most part dont comment or jump in. Because my main focus is learning and trying to progress. But the demons are there, and theyll help. if you’re trying and have the right mindset. I’m constantly having to re-evaluate my own mental mindset and reorder how I view things or understand.


I think there is nothing wrong with sharing the success you have had. Its not bragging its sharing experience. And its good for new practitioners to see it for encouragement.

Its also good to show that real magick isnt like the movies. Yes it’s very real. But there are also mental and emotional hurdles to get through before we see real progress. And knowing the true selves is integral to that success.

I also think that it helps everyone see the reality of manifestation. There are many levels to achieving a successful outcome. And the more pieces that we can see the easier it is to duplicate the process.


Very well put @anon482649.

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I wouldn’t describe myself as wealthy, but spirits have certainly helped me to help myself.

Bune has been very kind and gracious when requested.

I must mention King Belial as I had a huge issue financially late last year in which someone wouldn’t give me my inheritance and estate from a relative I was due. Without his help with the legal stuff I would have probably been shafted for sure.

I have not really asked for direct money per say, more help with business ideas to make my own money. I get the impression they like that more , to see the Mage ascend rather than to try and use them as a cash atm.


Great to hear that brother. Hail

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Interesting observation Yennefer.

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Just search for Bune at this site and you will be overwhelmed with all praise from grateful magickians.