Anyone here from Australia?


Im from Perth WA n looking for local friends. Is there anyone here from Perth? or at least Australia?


I would say “yes” but as we both know Aussies don’t really go in for this kind of stuff :wink:



R u from Perth? or?


Originally from Melbourne but have been living in Scotland for the past nine years.


Queenslander here


I’m just an hour or so out of Sydney. You want to communicate, message me. Mate I know how you feel - lonely. Anyway, I may be able to help.



Hey Uncle, I am about 150k out of Brisbane towards Gundi


As far as I’m aware there’s sweet Fanny Adams in regard to Magickal organisations in Australia. The OTO is still around, but really. There’s also pagans in the pub, but spare me. Anyway, on the lhp it’s best to work by yourself.



Tell me about it! Small town and not even much in the way of occult stuff in the closest larger town


OZ here Sydney city


Where? It’s a big city.
Me: Lidcombe/Auburn. Worked city and Blacktown. Left when I was close to 42 years old. Live about 1 to 1and a half hours by train from Central/Townhall.



Manly area


Sydney here


If there’s on thing I hate it’s Aussies. I’m a little over an hour by train to Central/Townhall. Keep at it. There are so few of us in Oz.



Innerwest here @Uncle-Al. Only been on the forum a week or two now. Nice to meet you.


Me formerly Lidcombe/Auburn 1963 to 2005. It was different back then, but getting worse. Moved away up north to a dormitory town with beaches, trees and much fresher air. Well, well, well…perhaps I’ve found a soul mate.

You enjoy yourself here.



Thanks Al. Your new home sounds great. I was really into magick in my late teens early 20s, but since then I lost interest. Looking forward to reading and learning a lot.


SA soon to be VIC


Ayyyy I’ve lived for like 3 years in the Sunshine Coast.