Anyone hear of Trey Smith?

Just curious if anyone heard of this dude Trey Smith, he seems to know a lot about the occult but takes a more Christian stance on it. I’m not hating on the dude I just find what he says to be curious about demons especially since I’m pretty sure he hasn’t summoned any spirit to say what his saying. Shaming nd bad mouthing them and shit. Again just curious

Everyone experiences demons differently. Robert Bruce, for example, was attacked by a demon and almost died. Just because someone doesn’t have a pleasant experience with demons doesn’t mean they haven’t encountered them. Contrary to what the demon worshippers claim, demons do in fact harass and harm people. If they weren’t capable of such behaviour, then people wouldn’t sic them on their enemies.


I just find it funny. I know demons are more like bandits and will do just about anything to anyone and angels are more like police and walk around all proud cz they got a badge of approval. But to say that the Light side of the force is the only force you should align with doesn’t sit well with me. Maybe the demons are changing my world view on God and all that cz whenever I see or hear about God I get offended and just see a biasness to RHP. Maybe most people hold onto that more than others bcz of indoctrination.

Angels harass and harm people too. There are apologists on both sides that try to whitewash their behaviour. Whitelighter like to claim angels are all cute and fuzzy, and only want what is best for us, and demon worshippers like to claim the same about demons, but both of them are wrong.

Angels and demons have agendas, and they will act in any way they see fit in order to facilitate that agenda. Neither one has a problem with attacking those that may go against their agendas.




Anything capable of benevolent behavior, is just as capable of malevolent mannerisms.


This forum has a whole section for Baneful Magick where demons are called upon to harm others… :woman_shrugging:

As for “shaming,” even the opening part of the definition calls into question why this is some kind of new thoughtcrime:

a. A painful emotion caused by the belief that one is, or is perceived by others to be, inferior or unworthy of affection or respect because of one’s actions, thoughts, circumstances, or experiences:

Also known as, consequences for doing shitty or stupid things.

Big flashback to this:


That’s awesome!