Anyone have the same thing?

Hey i was wondering do anyone have same thing with seeing something or hear.

For example if im going out and i forget idk pocket and i dont know that i didnt took it woth me before i leave i see this item on a black plan i guess for second or two. I dont see anything for these 2 seconds only dark plane with item.

After that i see that i forget item. I started to work with pendulum so i was asking belial do more goetic spirits want to work with me or build/make a realitonship who are they how many.


6 - 2 pendulum was showing beetwen 6 and 2

Later at afternoon when it was dark outside i was doing something and couple of times i had this moment of black plane before my eyes didnt saw anything expect this black plane and two sigils.

Like i said i have not opened 3 eye but i can visualise in my mind. So i saw Baal sigil and gomory sigil. White like smoke color but not sharp clear yet i saw these sigils so i knew what shape of them are.

(Yet i just started with pendulum so i will ask again)

Or voice i had example in my work you know how is it beetwen friends from work… jokes i like to make a little joke so my friend was a line leader then and we have a batch tickets to write down information about meat, batch where it comes from, name lf supplier etc.

So the joke was about to write down silly words.
Before that i had again this black moment but without shape. Male voice (he will make a report on you) of course i hearded it but i ignored it -_-

Guess what this friend was upset about this silly joke. And he keept this with him on a table in front with him and he said that he will make a report. Luckly for me i took it back later.

Next i had example when i took small white rock and i drawn a sigil on invisible on it i was takeing on. But i realise people was looking at me i mean i didnt expext that i will disapear but maybe someone will not pay attention on me.

Later i was thinking why people was seeing me
Black plane and voice (beacuse of eye contact)
Then i was makeing sense for me cuz i was keeping eye contact :sweat_smile:

What do you think about this and im sorry if its too long. Does anyone have the same thing or is it my imagination i am realy able to hear or see this without 3 eye opened ?

This sounds like your subconsious communicating with you.

This is clairsudience, could be your subconscious again, or could be the entities you invited trying to help.

As a rule of thumb, don’t risk your job annoying your supervisor, just keep it professional at work, these people are not your friends, don’t treat them that way. If he starts joking with you then maybe joke back.

You’re there to do a job so it’s better to act like you take it and the people there seriously. People don’t usually like to feel disrespected.

You know this, obviouly, so you warned yourself.

There’s no such thing as having a third eye shut, it’s just a matter of training and sensitivity. :slight_smile:

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Thank you he was jokeing before he gets promoted but as he get promoted he started to change. After that i didnt made any joke it was too risky cuz i was telling myself that then i was lucky next time i will probably not get second chance but you are right thanks and for advise :slight_smile:

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