Anyone have Andromalius help them?

Hi. I am a new member,so greeting to all.
I recently evoked Andromalius for the first time to assist me with a Stalker who has damaged my property and life for too long. It went well and his energy stayed for well over a day. Does anyone have any Andromalius experiences to speak of whilst I await our pact results? thanks in advance

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Welcome to the forum. I see you joined us last year but have only recently begun posting. Please take a moment to click the image below and introduce yourself as it is a rule of this forum:


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Thank you. Just done it

Yeah, he’s a helpful spirit, though he doesn’t speak very much. :slight_smile: I worked with him recently.


Thank you. I came away from my contact with him feeling reassured and calm and I have slept well since. It is like he has reassured me he will take care of it. What offerings did you find he liked? He seemed to like mine and I agreed to get him more for our next planned evocation. Did he give you your results?

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We’re still working together but I give him what he asks for. :wink: Glad to know he’s helping you. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I like Andromalius. I carry his seal with me now infused with blood and I buried his seal with my blood on it outside my property. So far, weird stalker fella has not been so I have high hopes and faith in Andromalius. Thanks for your answers


Andromalius is nice, I agree. :slight_smile: Makes me chuckle sometimes.

No problem, glad to have been of some assistance. :slight_smile:

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Andromalius helped me immediately with my quest to show me the people who try to hurt me and banished them from me. After the evokation I had a dream of me fighting with a pyton. He was biting me but finally I defeated him. When I woke up I felt a little bit uncomfortable and was asking myself why should I fight with Andromalius’ pyton… About an hour later I received a text from someone who pretends to love me endlessly … treatening me that he’d spread my nude fotos which I was imprudent enough me make together with him 100 years ago… I was trembling all over and did another quick evokation of Andromalius asking him to banish this person from and destroy those pictures if they still exist. At the end of evocation I replied to his text telling him that it is an act of blackmail and I am very thankful to him that he was kind enough to send it to me in written because it is easier for me to go to the police and show them. He replied please don’t, I’d never bother you again, you will not hear of me anymore.
Andromalius did hear my pray - showed me who my enemy was, this person showed me his true face. The pyton showed me that I’d have a fight which I’ll win.
Thanks a lot, Andromalius!