Anyone experience with the Book Practical Jinn Magick?

I really don’t think it matters. I’ve used tea lights before when that was all I had, but I wanted to try to do the ritual the way it was written, and still garnered results.

As far as using candles or not- I’ve used them probably 25% of the time when doing djinn rituals. I can’t visualize a black candle, but I can imagine the texture of the wax, the sound etc- so most of the time I use imaginary tools that I can’t even see in my imagination- and I get results probably 80% of the time with djinn, at least.

Sorry guys, I’m on a bit of a hiatus.


Thanks :slight_smile:
Well, then I just want to ask how long it takes to see the results?

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Varies as with all things. However I find if it’s complicated enough that you’d expect it to take months, the djinn are probably not the best solution. They tend to work fast- I think my longest result took about five weeks, but it was or was one of the first times I’d done any intentional magic and any the first times with djinn.

Most things with djinn I see results or movement on within two weeks. Not all, but most- but I’d keep in mind I’m only throwing the easy shit I can make sound flamboyant and difficult to the djinn.


Oh, I appreciated your reply, Keteriya.
If you don’t mind can you send me DM (I need to ask a question) - I know my question might be helpful to other members, but it is pretty personal, and my intuition says I can trust you.

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Yepper, I just might not log back in till tomorrow morning or something to see it lol. I failed to sleep this weekend so I’m headed for a nap for my first day of the work week lol.

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