Anyone else have this happen with boozy offerings?

I’ve noticed that when I leave an offering of whiskey and drink it later (waste not, want not), it hits me much harder and faster than usual. And I drink it straight, so you wouldn’t think it would affect me differently.

Does this happen to anyone else?


I don’t drink offerings, but I’m surprised, I’d have thought the alcohol would have evaporated and be less effective. Maybe there’s another kind of energy being added since the entity would know of your intention to drink it later.


Yes, I have had this happen as well. I imagine that it is either do to being in a different state of mind while it is coursing through my body (I wait to draw the ritual into conclusion to savor the atmosphere) or from what I add to it. Or perhaps it is so the spirit can savor the experience behind it. Would be interesting to ask for a reason during in an evocation.


I have had different experiences, I only drink it when I offer it as an experience for the being I’ve invoked, I do agree, the effect is different but I also believe it’s due to the energy raging through me at the time.

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Offerings are supposed to be offerings you need to dump them out onto the ground.


Depends on the spirit and situation.

I’ve never drank the booze or ate the food after offering. I do know that when I cook with them and offer a plate the whole batch tastes way better.

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I guess I never though about it that way.

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Agreed, dumping offerings for Egyptian deities would not go well in my experience for example. They practically demand them being consumed, which makes sense considering that culture evolved from a desert environment. Food waste would’ve been considered insane in those conditions


If I hang out with a spirit and drink while giving them an offering, we both get so drunk. If I just give them an offering I often times still get drunk even when I don’t drink anything at all.

But has anyone noticed that they are often pretty cheap drunks and they get a bit crazy just as drunk people would at times?

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I poured myself one finger of whiskey (same bottle) tonight (what? I have a really annoying cough and it helps).

Just like last night, it’s hit me like a Mack truck. I’m halfway through my ONE finger of whiskey and feeling it hard. Normally I need about 3 fingers before I catch a buzz.

Not what I requested, but thanks, President Marbas!

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