Anyone currently working with Lilith

I want to start my contact with a spirit, I haven’t chosen which one so took a free tarot reading off here a few days ago.

My question was "Are there any spirits wanting to work with ME that are around me “waiting”

The answer came back as Lilith is very interested.

I just wanted to ask you guys currently working with her if it’s a good idea for a beginner? Your experiences with her etc.


A lot of spirits want to work with you. Once you put yourself out there (meditation/rituals etc) you’ll be the popular kid at high school. She is a very good choice. As for beginner, I would start meditation (letter of intent if you want a succubus/incubus.) I wouldn’t try a full length ritual since you are brand new. She is very powerful and you should get a feel for her power first.


Do some research into her various mythologies. Also maybe some meditations on her while giving some offerings. See how it goes.


I would say no matter how much research you do you will always learn the most from experience!!! But yes I agree research can be beneficial totally you just have to look in the right places. I would say it depends always on what you are looking for on your spiritual path because that’s what you will attract and reflect back to you. I will say also spirits can see your desires also. I’m not sure where you are on your path and how much you know but I would also say take your time.

Also try to have faith in yourself if this is your first spirit that you’re working with. Don’t second guess yourself and know that if you do that’s okay too. Stick with it. :slight_smile: One of my regrets is not getting to know a spirit before working with them. You can do this by asking questions on their personality and simple things like their favourite colour or what music they may like or food. What are their values? If they were to teach you what do they usually teach? What can they offer you? What guidance do you need in your life right now? Such things. You will know what their voice sounds like as you get to know them, their energetic make up, their energy will be familar to you. This is all with time.

What are your goals?
What are your boundries?
What are you willing to do, what not?

Familarise yourself with Lilith energy you dont have to dive in and dedicate yourself to anyone or any pathworking to begin with and some say its best to wait with things like this. Comittments are easy to say rather than do. Sometimes its a bit of a weird situation if you arent sure about something and want to change your mind. It really depends on the Spirit.

Also, there are many who say Lilith is xyz I think thats okay but your experience will be your own so walk in with an open mind. Also try not to assume she is a certain way because you may or may not get a certain reflection back that may not nessecarly be the truth.

Good luck. That is all from me. :heart:


2 books by Donald Tyson: Liber Lilith and Sexual Alchemy.

Both are out of print but you may find them used and both are excellent!!


I found a download of Liber Lilith thanks for the recommendations.

And thank you all for your input.

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A magician replied to a question about summoning Lilith that the ritual for her evocation belongs to High Magic, and initiation is necessary (this was in the 70s, more recently amongst the opinions there is one believing that she isn’t to be summoned but decide to come of her own accord)… Well, some years ago I resolved to call her and everything went rather quiet BTW yeah, I just started again these days to gaze at her sigil and use invocations…


I love Lilith. All the research I did on her, on line at least lead to mostly negative things that I feel are untrue due to how history has favored the christian lie. She is absolutely amazing! I do believe that you should find out what you can about her though. I’ve talked with Asanoth, I think her name is. She told me that Lilith is very capable of loving anyone. Also capable of destroying anyone. Treat her with the highest respect you know how at all times. Also you should know that Lilith has a will of Iron. You can’t control her. She is extremely caring. She helped me release a lot of pain I had buried deep in my heart. She’s very observant and will learn who you are quicker than you would think. When she decides to allow you to feel her presence you will know it. For me it’s always an exciting, joyful feeling. Sometimes I’ll break out into laughter. Just from her presence. Almost always puts a smile on my face when I think about her. She truly is amazing. Don’t commit to anything you’re not sure of. Chanting her enn [Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach] should allowing you to connect with her without a commitment. Hope this helps.

Be blessed


Sexual alchemy is about Lilith too

I would have to say no. If you are a beginner. Lilith is my matron goddess, and I sensed her calling for a very long time before I ever invoked her. She is awesome yes, but you may not be prepared as of yet for her. In my opinion, you should give it time, and be sure you’re ready. :wink:

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Very true, agreed. You don’t think there should be a waiting period?

@4648Cru . I jumped in the pool without looking to see how deep or cold the water is. You warmed up to it. Better safe than sorry is a good way to traverse any path. Follow your intuition. Face your fears. Respect and love yourself. Treat others the same. This should get you through just about anything. New or seasoned.

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